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revision by kaz, Wed Feb 26 03:53:28 2003 UTC revision by kaz, Thu Feb 27 05:59:38 2003 UTC
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1    2003-02-26  Kaz Kylheku  <kaz@ashi.footprints.net>
3            * code/create.lisp (mcvs-create): After the TYPES file is
4            edited, scan the MCVS directory for unexpected files.
5            The intent is to detect text editor backups. If any are
6            found, some interactive error handling lets the user acknowledge
7            their deletion. If they are not deleted, then cvs import will
8            bring them into the repository. This behavior was discovered
9            by Johannes Grødem who suggested that it could be handled.
11  2003-02-25  Kaz Kylheku  <kaz@ashi.footprints.net>  2003-02-25  Kaz Kylheku  <kaz@ashi.footprints.net>
13          * code/unix-bindings/wrap.c (mcvs_spawn): One more waitpid() bug!          * code/unix-bindings/wrap.c (mcvs_spawn): One more waitpid() bug!

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