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revision 1.130 by kaz, Thu Jul 4 14:17:56 2002 UTC revision by kaz, Fri Jul 5 17:37:10 2002 UTC
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1    2002-07-05  Kaz Kylheku  <kaz@ashi.footprints.net>
3            * mapping.lisp (real-path-exists): Use path-prefix-equal, because
4            that handles all the tricky cases.
5            (abstract-to-real-path): Handle the case when abstract path
6            is the same as the path prefix, with or without the trailing
7            slash.
9    2002-07-05  Kaz Kylheku  <kaz@ashi.footprints.net>
11            Start of experimental ``partial sandbox'' work.
13            * mapping.lisp (*mcvs-displaced-name*, *mcvs-displaced*): New
14            constants, hold name of administrative file MCVS/DISPLACED which stores
15            the displaced path prefix.
16            (*displaced-path-prefix*): New special variable, holds displaced
17            path prefix read from MCVS/DISPLACED.
18            (*displaced-path-length*): New special variable, holds length
19            of string stored in *displaced-path-prefix*.
20            (real-path-exists, abstract-to-real-path, real-to-abstract-path):
21            New functions for mapping between actual sandbox path, and
22            the abstract sandbox path stored in the mapping.
23            (in-sandbox-root-dir): Macro modified to read *mcvs-displaced*
24            administrative file, and set up the new special variables.
25            (mapping-synchronize): Only operate on files that are present
26            in the sandbox; i.e. that have real paths corresponding to their
27            abstract paths. Convert to the real path when calling lower
28            level file manipulation functions.
29            (mapping-update): Likewise, but this conversion is not complete.
30            (displaced-path-read, displaced-path-write): New functions for
31            reading and writing MCVS/DISPLACED.
33            * checkout.lisp (mcvs-checkout): One extra optional parameter.
34            Specifies the subdirectory for executing a partial checkout.
35            (mcvs-checkout-wrapper): Parse out optional parameter.
37            * grab.lisp (mcvs-grab): For now, when calling mcvs-checkout,
38            specify the new parameter as nil. Eventually, grab will work
39            over partial checkouts.
41            * move.lisp: Upgraded to work with partial sandboxes.
42            (source-check): Convert source parameter to real path for
43            existence check.
44            (move-guts): Convert destination parameter to real path before
45            invoking (stat ...) on it.
46            (mcvs-move): Map all path arguments to abstract paths.
48  2002-07-04  Kaz Kylheku  <kaz@ashi.footprints.net>  2002-07-04  Kaz Kylheku  <kaz@ashi.footprints.net>
50          * find-bind.lisp (find-bind-extract-vals): Rewrite for          * find-bind.lisp (find-bind-extract-vals): Rewrite for

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