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revision 1.129 by kaz, Wed Jul 3 13:43:28 2002 UTC revision 1.130 by kaz, Thu Jul 4 14:17:56 2002 UTC
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1    2002-07-04  Kaz Kylheku  <kaz@ashi.footprints.net>
3            * find-bind.lisp (find-bind-extract-vals): Rewrite for
4            efficiency. No impact on Meta-CVS, just done for the sake of improving
5            the quality of this highly reusable code. There is specialized
6            code now depending on whether the input sequence is a list or
7            a vector. A single pass is made over the sequence, with multiple
8            passes over the search values. The sequence could be large,
9            whereas the list of search values is typically going to be small.
10            (find-bind): Modified to reflect slight interface change
11            in find-bind-extract-vals.
13  2002-07-03  Kaz Kylheku  <kaz@ashi.footprints.net>  2002-07-03  Kaz Kylheku  <kaz@ashi.footprints.net>
15          * mcvs-main.lisp (*usage*): Describe --meta and --metaonly options.          * mcvs-main.lisp (*usage*): Describe --meta and --metaonly options.

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