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Revision 1.72 - (show annotations)
Wed Sep 18 04:15:54 2002 UTC (11 years, 7 months ago) by kaz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: mcvs-0-96
Changes since 1.71: +0 -2 lines
* code/checkout.lisp (mcvs-checkout): If a subdirectory path
is specified, verify that it is relative, and that it points
within the module.
1 Things to do in short time frame:
3 - import should know things about some suffixes, like what is ``obviously''
4 binary, and what should probably be ignored.
5 - When an add wants to clobber a local file with a newly added file, provide a
6 restart which does the reverse clobber instead. Also interactive handling
7 to do this on a file by file basis might be nice. [2002.06.21]
8 - optimize split-words similarly to split-fields.
9 - Automatically synchronize sandbox symlink changes back to map [2002.08.25]
10 - Do something with symlinks in remap command [2002.08.26]
12 Longer term things:
14 - confusing behavior: mcvs mv * subdir causes all files from the
15 current directory to be removed, which causes the current directory
16 itself to be removed. The directory is then re-created with subdir,
17 and the files moved there. However, the shell is left in an orphaned
18 directory.
19 - deferred cvs add: do not invoke cvs add for new files until commit
20 time. This will work around a nasty cvs add bug.
21 [2002.04.04] [Coded and tested, put in deferred-adds-branch]
22 - when files are added on a managed branch and committed, the special tags
23 should be set in these files accordingly. [2002.04.03]
24 - optimize move command, it performs badly when the number of
25 arguments is large. [2002.02.02]
26 - make *argument-limit* controllable from command line.
27 - dirwalk-fi function should put out canonicalized path names. [2002.01.27]
28 - develop repository-side migration tool to convert CVS module to Meta-CVS
29 form. [2002.01.27]
30 - investigate problems running CVS as pipe coprocess from CLISP. [2002.04.03]

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