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revision 1.36 by moore, Fri Apr 26 17:54:37 2002 UTC revision 1.37 by strandh, Sun Apr 28 05:13:57 2002 UTC
# Line 305  Only those records that overlap REGION a Line 305  Only those records that overlap REGION a
306  (defmethod add-output-record :before (child (record output-record-mixin))  (defmethod add-output-record :before (child (record output-record-mixin))
307    (when (null (output-record-children record))    (when (null (output-record-children record))
     (with-bounding-rectangle* (min-x min-y max-x max-y) child  
308      (with-slots (x1 y1 x2 y2) record      (with-slots (x1 y1 x2 y2) record
309        (setf (values x1 y1 x2 y2) (bounding-rectangle* child))))))        (setf (values x1 y1 x2 y2) (bounding-rectangle* child)))))
311  (defmethod add-output-record :after (child (record output-record))  (defmethod add-output-record :after (child (record output-record))
312    (recompute-extent-for-new-child record child))    (recompute-extent-for-new-child record child))
# Line 669  recording stream. If it is T, *STANDARD- Line 668  recording stream. If it is T, *STANDARD-
668  (defmethod scroll-vertical :around ((stream output-recording-stream) dy)  (defmethod scroll-vertical :around ((stream output-recording-stream) dy)
669    (declare (ignore dy))    (declare (ignore dy))
670    (with-output-recording-options (stream :record nil)    (with-output-recording-options (stream :record nil)
     (declare (ignore stream))  
671      (call-next-method)))      (call-next-method)))
673  (defmethod scroll-horizontal :around ((stream output-recording-stream) dx)  (defmethod scroll-horizontal :around ((stream output-recording-stream) dx)
674    (declare (ignore dx))    (declare (ignore dx))
675    (with-output-recording-options (stream :record nil)    (with-output-recording-options (stream :record nil)
     (declare (ignore stream))  
676      (call-next-method)))      (call-next-method)))
678  (defmethod repaint-sheet ((stream output-recording-stream) region)  (defmethod repaint-sheet ((stream output-recording-stream) region)

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