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revision 1.67 by hefner1, Sun Jul 20 17:45:22 2003 UTC revision 1.68 by hefner1, Sat Aug 9 01:34:01 2003 UTC
# Line 170  FRAME-EXIT condition.")) Line 170  FRAME-EXIT condition."))
170  ; extension  ; extension
171  (defgeneric frame-schedule-timer-event (frame sheet delay token))  (defgeneric frame-schedule-timer-event (frame sheet delay token))
173    (defgeneric note-input-focus-changed (pane state)
174      (:documentation "Called when a pane receives or loses the keyboard
175    input focus. This is a McCLIM extension."))
177  (defclass standard-application-frame (application-frame)  (defclass standard-application-frame (application-frame)
178    ((event-queue :initarg :frame-event-queue    ((event-queue :initarg :frame-event-queue
179                  :initarg :input-buffer                  :initarg :input-buffer
# Line 384  FRAME-EXIT condition.")) Line 388  FRAME-EXIT condition."))
388                                   (setf (pane-needs-redisplay pane) nil)))))                                   (setf (pane-needs-redisplay pane) nil)))))
389                         (frame-top-level-sheet frame))                         (frame-top-level-sheet frame))
390        (when *standard-input*        (when *standard-input*
391          (setf (cursor-visibility (stream-text-cursor *standard-input*)) t)          ;; We don't need to turn the cursor on here, as Goatee has its own
392            ;; cursor which will appear. In fact, as a sane interface policy,
393            ;; leave it off by default, and hopefully this doesn't violate the spec.
394            (setf (cursor-visibility (stream-text-cursor *standard-input*)) nil)
395          (when prompt          (when prompt
396            (with-text-style (*standard-input* prompt-style)            (with-text-style (*standard-input* prompt-style)
397              (if (stringp prompt)              (if (stringp prompt)
# Line 974  FRAME-EXIT condition.")) Line 981  FRAME-EXIT condition."))
981    `(let ((,frame *application-frame*))    `(let ((,frame *application-frame*))
982       ,@body))       ,@body))
985    (defmethod note-input-focus-changed (pane state)
986      (declare (ignore pane state)))
988  (defmethod (setf keyboard-input-focus) :after (focus frame)  (defmethod (setf keyboard-input-focus) :after (focus frame)
989    (set-port-keyboard-focus focus (port frame)))    (set-port-keyboard-focus focus (port frame)))

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