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revision 1.50 by moore, Thu Aug 8 07:44:18 2002 UTC revision 1.51 by moore, Sun Aug 18 06:27:04 2002 UTC
# Line 381  FRAME-EXIT condition.")) Line 381  FRAME-EXIT condition."))
382  (defmethod make-pane-1 :around (fm (frame standard-application-frame) type  (defmethod make-pane-1 :around (fm (frame standard-application-frame) type
383                                  &rest args                                  &rest args
384                                  &key (input-buffer nil input-buffer-p))                                  &key (input-buffer nil input-buffer-p)
385                                    &allow-other-keys)
386    "Default input-buffer to the frame event queue."    "Default input-buffer to the frame event queue."
387    (if input-buffer-p    (if input-buffer-p
388        (call-next-method)        (call-next-method)

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