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revision 1.6 by moore, Fri Jul 4 06:38:06 2003 UTC revision 1.7 by moore, Wed Jul 16 17:27:46 2003 UTC
# Line 55  entry to this accept") Line 55  entry to this accept")
55                         :documentation "Binding of *delimeter-gestures* on entry                         :documentation "Binding of *delimeter-gestures* on entry
56  to this accept")  to this accept")
57     (accept-arguments :accessor accept-arguments :initarg :accept-arguments)     (accept-arguments :accessor accept-arguments :initarg :accept-arguments)
58     (condition :accessor condition :initarg :condition :initform nil     (accept-condition :accessor accept-condition :initarg :accept-condition
59                :documentation "Condition signalled, if any, during                       :initform nil
60                         :documentation "Condition signalled, if any, during
61  accept of this query")))  accept of this query")))
63  (defclass accepting-values-record (standard-updating-output-record)  (defclass accepting-values-record (standard-updating-output-record)
# Line 219  accept of this query"))) Line 220  accept of this query")))
220                           default-supplied-p                           default-supplied-p
221                           nil query-identifier)))                           nil query-identifier)))
222        (setf (record query) query-record)        (setf (record query) query-record)
223        (when (condition query)        (when (accept-condition query)
224          (signal (condition query)))          (signal (accept-condition query)))
225        (multiple-value-prog1        (multiple-value-prog1
226            (values (value query) (ptype query) (changedp query))            (values (value query) (ptype query) (changedp query))
227          (setf (default query) default)          (setf (default query) default)
# Line 365  is called. Used to determine if any edit Line 366  is called. Used to determine if any edit
366          (handler-case          (handler-case
367              (av-do-accept query record)              (av-do-accept query record)
368            (condition (c)            (condition (c)
369              (setf (condition query) c)))))))              (setf (accept-condition query) c)))))))
372  (defmethod deselect-query (stream query (record av-text-record))  (defmethod deselect-query (stream query (record av-text-record))

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