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Revision 1.28 - (show annotations)
Fri Jan 11 06:01:38 2008 UTC (6 years, 3 months ago) by thenriksen
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.27: +2 -0 lines
Added mention of MCCLIM-IMAGES to NEWS.
1 * Changes in mcclim-0.9.6 relative to 0.9.5:
2 ** Bug fix: ESA's help commands are better at finding bindings and
3 describing them
4 ** Bug fix: Some missing methods and functions have been implemented
5 for the Null backend, allowing headless operation for many
6 applications.
7 ** New extension: MCCLIM-IMAGES. This extension makes it easy to use
8 McCLIM for loading and displaying images of various formats.
10 * Changes in mcclim-0.9.5 relative to 0.9.4:
11 ** Installation: the systems clim-listener, clim-examples,
12 and clouseau can now be loaded without loading the system mcclim
13 first. Users with existing McCLIM installations should use the
14 provided script:
15 ./symlink-asd-files.sh /path/to/asdf-central-registry/
16 ** New extension: tab-layout. This extension allows keeping a stack of panes
17 whose foreground pane is controlled by a tab bar. This layout can be
18 customized in backends and frame managers. For examples, see the
19 gtkairo backend and the pixie frame manager.
20 ** New extension function: SHEET-RGB-IMAGE: makes a screenshot of a sheet
21 in the CLX backend. (Supported on truecolor visuals only for now.)
22 ** New experimental extension: tree-with-cross-edges are an extension to
23 the graph formatter.
24 ** New experimental backend: clim-graphic-forms: native widgets on Windows.
25 This backend is still very experimental (it doesn't run demos yet).
26 ** New inspector feature: The inspector now displays more useful information
27 about hash tables and generic functions.
28 ** Specification compliance: Various layout panes no longer quite as
29 aggressive at eating the space requirements of their children.
30 ** Specification compliance: There is now a rudimentary implementation of
32 ** Usability: Text editors and text input panes now use click-to-focus.
33 ** Improvement: the ACCEPTING-VALUES command table was renamed to
34 ACCEPT-VALUES (as this is the name that the other clim-2 implementation
35 uses)
36 ** Improvement: the CLX backend should no longer cause focus stealing
37 when an application has text-editor panes. This change comes with
38 a rudimentary click-to-focus-keyboard widget policy.
39 ** Improvement: define-application-frame now allows a :default-initargs
40 option. (This is not exactly a "specification compliance" fix, as
41 d-a-frame is not defined to accept this option.).
42 ** Improvement: menu-choose menus now look a little prettier.
43 ** Improvement: added more styles for bordered-output: :rounded, :ellipse
44 ** Improvement: Toggle button values now default to NIL.
45 ** Improvement: Frame layouts are now inherited from the frame's
46 superclass.
47 ** Improvement: The Lisp Syntax is much improved: now recognizes
48 delimiter characters, and more types of Lambda lists.
49 ** Bug fix: Bezier designs should now draw in the right place in all
50 backends.
51 ** Bug fix: Text in Drei no longer "walks" to the left.
52 ** Bug fix: Drei now has better support for delimiter gestures.
53 ** Bug fix: Partial commands now work better when invoked from the menu.
56 * Changes in mcclim-0.9.4 relative to 0.9.3:
57 ** cleanup: removed the obsolete system.lisp file.
58 ** backend improvements: Gtkairo
59 *** Double buffering is now supported (fixes disappearing widgets on Windows).
60 *** X errors no longer terminate the lisp process.
61 *** Some bugfixes, including CMUCL support and better key event handling.
62 *** Native implementation of context menus, list panes, label panes, and
63 option panes.
64 *** Draw text using Pango. (Bug fix: Fixed-width font supported on Windows
65 now. Multiple lines of output in TEXT-SIZE supported now.
66 TEXT-STYLE-FIXED-WIDTH-P works correctly now.)
67 ** Improvement: Added new editor substrate ("Drei").
68 ** Improvement: Improved the pathname presentation methods considerably.
69 ** specification compliance: DELETE-GESTURE-NAME function now implemented.
70 ** specification compliance: PRESENTATION-TYPE-SPECIFIER-P presentaion
71 function now implemented.
72 ** specification compliance: DISPLAY-COMMAND-TABLE-MENU function now
73 implemented.
74 ** specification compliance: DISPLAY-COMMAND-MENU function now
75 implemented.
76 ** specification compliance: POINTER-PLACE-RUBBER-BAND-LINE* function
77 now implemented.
78 ** specification compliance: POINTER-INPUT-RECTANGLE* function now
79 implemented.
80 ** specification compliance: POINTER-INPUT-RECTANGLE function now
81 implemented.
82 ** Improvement: Added font listing support, see section "Fonts and Extended
83 Text Styles" in the manual.
84 ** Improvement: Added support for bezier splines (Robert Strandh).
85 To be documented.
86 ** better PRESENTATION-SUBTYPEP (more likely to give the right answer
87 on some-of and all-of presentation types)
88 ** Improvement: M-n/M-p gestures for navigating presentation histories.
90 * Changes in mcclim-0.9.3 "All Souls' Day" relative to 0.9.2:
91 ** backend improvement: The Null backend now registers itself in the
92 server search path
93 ** improvement: with-output-as-gadget now sets the correct cursor
94 position when incremental redisplay is active.
95 ** specification compliance: INVOKE-WITH-NEW-OUTPUT-RECORD's argument
96 list now is the same as the one in the Franz CLIM user guide.
97 ** improvement: The text field cursor is now a solid block again.
98 ** backend improvement: the PostScript backend now outputs correct EPS
99 ** improvement: Graph nodes can now be dragged
100 ** improvement: Possibilities when reading from
101 COMPLETE-FROM-GENERATOR are now sorted alphabetically.
102 ** new experimental backend: gtkairo (loads on SBCL, CMUCL and SCL):
103 Uses GTK+ for gadgets and cairo for rendering graphics.
104 ** Bug fix: incremental-redisplay does no longer leak memory
105 ** improvement: incremental-redisplay is now a little faster
106 ** Bug fix: Invisible text cursors no longer leave a dangling space
107 behind the text output record
108 ** improvement: commands whose names are shadowed in child command
109 tables are now suggested in preference to their parents.
110 ** Bug fix: (setf stream-cursor-position) and output record replay on
111 encapsulating streams work now.
112 ** Bug fix: Invoking command menu items in frames with no interactor
113 works now.
114 ** Bug fix: DESTROY-PORT removes the port even if an error occurs
115 while closing the port
116 ** Bug fix: make-process now sets the process name on SBCL
117 ** specification compliance: MENU-CHOOSE now supports almost all
118 features demanded in the CLIM 2.0 specification.
119 ** improvement: new and improved ACCEPT presentation method for
120 expressions on interactive streams.
121 ** specification compliance: LOOKUP-KEYSTROKE-ITEM no longer accepts
122 the :errorp argument.
123 ** Bug fix: incremental redisplay no longer breaks on output records
124 that had no children.
125 ** Bug fix: arrow head sizes are now transformed along with the line thickness.
126 ** improvement: resizing a viewport's child will now move the viewport's focus.
127 ** improvement: loading mcclim.asd no longer shows a code deletion note on SBCL.
128 ** new demo: logic-cube
129 ** compatibility: Add support for post-1.0 openmcl, and for Allegro
130 Common Lisp 8.0 (ansi mode).
131 ** new example application showing use of CLIM views.

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