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Revision 1.2 - (show annotations)
Thu Nov 2 19:45:26 2006 UTC (7 years, 5 months ago) by afuchs
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.1: +3 -0 lines
News file entry for the system.lisp file.
1 * Changes in mcclim-0.9.4 relative to 0.9.3:
2 ** cleanup: removed the obsolete system.lisp file.
4 * Changes in mcclim-0.9.3 "All Souls' Day" relative to 0.9.2:
5 ** backend improvement: The Null backend now registers itself in the
6 server search path
7 ** improvement: with-output-as-gadget now sets the correct cursor
8 position when incremental redisplay is active.
9 ** specification compliance: INVOKE-WITH-NEW-OUTPUT-RECORD's argument
10 list now is the same as the one in the Franz CLIM user guide.
11 ** improvement: The text field cursor is now a solid block again.
12 ** backend improvement: the PostScript backend now outputs correct EPS
13 ** improvement: Graph nodes can now be dragged
14 ** improvement: Possibilities when reading from
15 COMPLETE-FROM-GENERATOR are now sorted alphabetically.
16 ** new experimental backend: gtkairo (loads on SBCL, CMUCL and SCL):
17 Uses GTK+ for gadgets and cairo for rendering graphics.
18 ** Bug fix: incremental-redisplay does no longer leak memory
19 ** improvement: incremental-redisplay is now a little faster
20 ** Bug fix: Invisible text cursors no longer leave a dangling space
21 behind the text output record
22 ** improvement: commands whose names are shadowed in child command
23 tables are now suggested in preference to their parents.
24 ** Bug fix: (setf stream-cursor-position) and output record replay on
25 encapsulating streams work now.
26 ** Bug fix: Invoking command menu items in frames with no interactor
27 works now.
28 ** Bug fix: DESTROY-PORT removes the port even if an error occurs
29 while closing the port
30 ** Bug fix: make-process now sets the process name on SBCL
31 ** specification compliance: MENU-CHOOSE now supports almost all
32 features demanded in the CLIM 2.0 specification.
33 ** improvement: new and improved ACCEPT presentation method for
34 expressions on interactive streams.
35 ** specification compliance: LOOKUP-KEYSTROKE-ITEM no longer accepts
36 the :errorp argument.
37 ** Bug fix: incremental redisplay no longer breaks on output records
38 that had no children.
39 ** Bug fix: arrow head sizes are now transformed along with the line thickness.
40 ** improvement: resizing a viewport's child will now move the viewport's focus.
41 ** improvement: loading mcclim.asd no longer shows a code deletion note on SBCL.
42 ** new demo: logic-cube
43 ** compatibility: Add support for post-1.0 openmcl, and for Allegro
44 Common Lisp 8.0 (ansi mode).
45 ** new example application showing use of CLIM views.

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