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Mon Mar 22 18:55:25 2004 UTC (10 years ago) by emarsden
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 - huge jump in technology from the SGML version of Docbook using the DSSSL
   stylesheets, to the new and improved XML version with XSL stylesheets.
1 <qandaentry>
2 <question>
3 <para>
4 The read-eval-print loop is just sitting there after I've
5 typed in my form. What's happening?
6 </para>
7 </question>
8 <answer>
9 <para>
10 One possible explanation for this behaviour is that you have
11 typed in a program that causes an infinite loop; for instance
12 <userinput>(loop)</userinput>.
13 </para>
14 <para>
15 However, the fact that you are surprised by this behaviour
16 suggests that this isn't the case; in which case a far more
17 likely explanation is that your form is not quite complete. You
18 may have typed a doublequote, vertical bar, "#|" comment
19 beginning, or left parenthesis that you never matched with
20 another doublequote, vertical bar, "|#", or right parenthesis,
21 respectively. Try typing a few right parentheses followed by
22 Return.
23 </para>
24 </answer>
25 </qandaentry>

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