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1 <qandaentry>
2 <question>
3 <para>How do I write a "Hello, World!" programme in Lisp?</para>
4 </question>
5 <answer>
6 <para>
7 This is actually a subtle question; not in the respect of
8 computing "Hello, World!", obviously, but because of what being
9 a "Hello, World!" programme actually means.
10 </para>
11 <para>
12 At its simplest, you can simply type "Hello, World!" at the
13 REPL, to find that the `P' part of that will print "Hello,
14 World!" back to you. However, this won't do what you want if
15 this is in a file, as return values aren't printed unless they
16 are at the REPL.
17 </para>
18 <para>
19 Something which is closer to the canonical "Hello, World!"
20 attempt is
21 <userinput>
22 (write-line "Hello, World!")
23 </userinput>
24 </para>
25 </answer>
26 </qandaentry>

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