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revision by pw, Tue Jun 23 11:25:44 1998 UTC revision by dtc, Sun Jul 12 21:51:49 1998 UTC
# Line 38  Line 38 
38                  (t                  (t
39                   (setf (kernel:class-pcl-class class) nil)))))))                   (setf (kernel:class-pcl-class class) nil)))))))
41    ;; Shadowing-import 'pcl::class so that this symbol is the same as    ;; Rename the PCL package to OLD-PCL, then restoring pcl::class and
42    ;; used by the compiler in ir1tran.    ;; pcl::..slot-unbound.. back to the PCL package as they need be
43    (let ((class 'pcl::class))    ;; consistent with the symbols recognised by the compiler.
44      (let ((class 'pcl::class)
45            (slot-unbound 'pcl::..slot-unbound..))
46      (rename-package "PCL" "OLD-PCL")      (rename-package "PCL" "OLD-PCL")
47      (make-package "PCL")      (make-package "PCL")
48      (shadowing-import class "PCL")      (shadowing-import class "PCL")
49      ;; Move class back to the PCL package so that the respective debug      (kernel:%set-symbol-package class (find-package "PCL"))
50      ;; variable has a valid package name.      (import slot-unbound "PCL")
51      (kernel:%set-symbol-package class (find-package "PCL"))))      (kernel:%set-symbol-package slot-unbound (find-package "PCL"))))
53  (when (find-package  "SLOT-ACCESSOR-NAME")  (when (find-package  "SLOT-ACCESSOR-NAME")

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