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revision by rtoy, Sun Sep 28 19:52:39 2008 UTC revision by rtoy, Sun Sep 28 20:51:28 2008 UTC
# Line 201  Line 201 
201  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/call"))  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/call"))
202  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/nlx") :byte-compile *byte-compile*)  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/nlx") :byte-compile *byte-compile*)
203  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/print") :byte-compile *byte-compile*)  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/print") :byte-compile *byte-compile*)
205    ;; Must come before array.lisp because array.lisp wants to use some
206    ;; vops as templates.
207    (comf (vmdir (if (c:target-featurep :sse2)
208                     "target:compiler/sse2-array"
209                     "target:compiler/x87-array"))
210          :byte-compile *byte-compile*)
212  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/array") :byte-compile *byte-compile*)  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/array") :byte-compile *byte-compile*)
213  (when (c:target-featurep :sse2)  
   (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/sse2-array") :byte-compile *byte-compile*))  
214  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/pred"))  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/pred"))
215  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/type-vops") :byte-compile *byte-compile*)  (comf (vmdir "target:compiler/type-vops") :byte-compile *byte-compile*)

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