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revision by ram, Sat Mar 19 23:13:39 1994 UTC revision by ram, Tue Aug 23 14:28:11 1994 UTC
# Line 415  Line 415 
415          (dolist (superclass direct-superclasses)          (dolist (superclass direct-superclasses)
416            (unless (validate-superclass class superclass)            (unless (validate-superclass class superclass)
417              (error "The class ~S was specified as a~%super-class of the class ~S;~%~              (error "The class ~S was specified as a~%super-class of the class ~S;~%~
418                      but the meta-classes ~S and~%~S are incompatible."                      but the meta-classes ~S and~%~S are incompatible.~%
419                     superclass class (class-of superclass) (class-of class))))                      Define a method for ~S to avoid this error."
420                       superclass class (class-of superclass) (class-of class)
421                       'validate-superclass)))
422          (setf (slot-value class 'direct-superclasses) direct-superclasses))          (setf (slot-value class 'direct-superclasses) direct-superclasses))
423        (setq direct-superclasses (slot-value class 'direct-superclasses)))        (setq direct-superclasses (slot-value class 'direct-superclasses)))
424    (setq direct-slots    (setq direct-slots

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