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revision 1.15 by pw, Tue Mar 13 15:49:48 2001 UTC revision 1.16 by pmai, Mon Aug 19 16:52:09 2002 UTC
# Line 195  Line 195 
195           (progn (setf ,alist (cons (,make-entry-fn ,key) ,alist))           (progn (setf ,alist (cons (,make-entry-fn ,key) ,alist))
196                  (car ,alist)))))                  (car ,alist)))))
 ;;; A simple version of destructuring-bind.  
 ;;; This does no more error checking than CAR and CDR themselves do.  Some  
 ;;; attempt is made to be smart about preserving intermediate values.  It  
 ;;; could be better, although the only remaining case should be easy for  
 ;;; the compiler to spot since it compiles to PUSH POP.  
 ;;; Common Lisp BUG:  
 ;;;    Common Lisp should have destructuring-bind.  
 (defmacro destructuring-bind (pattern form &body body)  
   (multiple-value-bind (ignore declares body)  
       (extract-declarations body)  
     (declare (ignore ignore))  
     (multiple-value-bind (setqs binds)  
         (destructure pattern form)  
       `(let ,binds  
          (progn .destructure-form.)  
          . ,body))))  
 (eval-when (compile load eval)  
 (defun destructure (pattern form)  
   ;;(declare (values setqs binds))  
   (let ((*destructure-vars* ())  
         (setqs ()))  
     (declare (special *destructure-vars*))  
     (setq *destructure-vars* '(.destructure-form.)  
           setqs (list `(setq .destructure-form. ,form))  
           form '.destructure-form.)  
     (values (nconc setqs (nreverse (destructure-internal pattern form)))  
             (delete nil *destructure-vars*))))  
 (defun destructure-internal (pattern form)  
   ;; When we are called, pattern must be a list.  Form should be a symbol  
   ;; which we are free to setq containing the value to be destructured.  
   ;; Optimizations are performed for the last element of pattern cases.  
   ;; we assume that the compiler is smart about gensyms which are bound  
   ;; but only for a short period of time.  
   (declare (special *destructure-vars*))  
   (let ((gensym (gensym))  
         (pending-pops 0)  
         (var nil)  
         (setqs ()))  
         ((make-pop (var form pop-into)  
              (cond ((zerop pending-pops)  
                     `(progn ,(and var `(setq ,var (car ,form)))  
                             ,(and pop-into `(setq ,pop-into (cdr ,form)))))  
                    ((null pop-into)  
                     (and var `(setq ,var ,(make-caxr pending-pops form))))  
                     `(progn (setq ,pop-into ,(make-cdxr pending-pops form))  
                             ,(and var `(setq ,var (pop ,pop-into))))))  
              (setq pending-pops 0))))  
       (do ((pat pattern (cdr pat)))  
           ((null pat) ())  
         (if (symbolp (setq var (car pat)))  
               (unless (memq var '(nil ignore))  
                          (push var *destructure-vars*))  
               (cond ((null (cdr pat))  
                      (push (make-pop var form ()) setqs))  
                     ((symbolp (cdr pat))  
                      (push (make-pop var form (cdr pat)) setqs)  
                      (push (cdr pat) *destructure-vars*)  
                      (return ()))  
                     ((memq var '(nil ignore)) (incf pending-pops))  
                     ((memq (cadr pat) '(nil ignore))  
                      (push (make-pop var form ()) setqs)  
                      (incf pending-pops 1))  
                      (push (make-pop var form form) setqs))))  
               (push `(let ((,gensym ()))  
                        ,(make-pop gensym  
                                   (if (symbolp (cdr pat)) (cdr pat) form))  
                            (destructure-internal (car pat) gensym)))  
               (when (symbolp (cdr pat))  
                 (push (cdr pat) *destructure-vars*)  
198  (defmacro collecting-once (&key initial-value)  (defmacro collecting-once (&key initial-value)
199     `(let* ((head ,initial-value)     `(let* ((head ,initial-value)
200             (tail ,(and initial-value `(last head))))             (tail ,(and initial-value `(last head))))

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