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revision 1.12 by pw, Thu Apr 15 22:38:15 1999 UTC revision 1.13 by pw, Sun Apr 25 12:46:28 1999 UTC
# Line 447  Line 447 
447         (not (keywordp x))))         (not (keywordp x))))
449  (defun find-class (symbol &optional (errorp t) environment)  (defun find-class (symbol &optional (errorp t) environment)
450      "Returns the PCL class metaobject named by SYMBOL. An error of type
451       SIMPLE-ERROR is signaled if the class does not exist unless ERRORP
452       is NIL in which case NIL is returned. SYMBOL cannot be a keyword."
453    (declare (ignore environment))    (declare (ignore environment))
454    (let ((cell (find-class-cell symbol (not errorp))))    (find-class-from-cell
455      (when cell     symbol (find-class-cell symbol t) errorp))
       (find-class-from-cell symbol cell errorp))))  
457  (defun find-class-predicate (symbol &optional (errorp t) environment)  (defun find-class-predicate (symbol &optional (errorp t) environment)
458    (declare (ignore environment))    (declare (ignore environment))

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