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revision by ram, Tue Jul 20 16:10:54 1993 UTC revision by ram, Tue Aug 17 15:14:50 1993 UTC
# Line 357  Line 357 
357    (case (car type)    (case (car type)
358      ((not and or) `(,(car type) ,@(mapcar #'convert-to-system-type      ((not and or) `(,(car type) ,@(mapcar #'convert-to-system-type
359                                            (cdr type))))                                            (cdr type))))
360      #-cmu17      ((class class-eq) ; class-eq is impossible to do right
361      (class (class-name (cadr type))) ; it had better be a named class       #-cmu17 (class-name (cadr type))
362      #+cmu17       #+cmu17 (kernel:layout-class (class-wrapper (cadr type))))
     (class (kernel:layout-class (slot-value type 'wrapper)))  
     (class-eq (class-name (cadr type))) ; this one is impossible to do right  
363      (eql type)      (eql type)
364      (t (if (null (cdr type))      (t (if (null (cdr type))
365             (car type)             (car type)

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