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revision 1.6 by phg, Tue Jan 12 18:23:29 1993 UTC revision 1.7 by pw, Thu Jan 22 12:32:52 1998 UTC
# Line 171  Line 171 
171    (multiple-value-bind (nreq applyp metatypes nkeys arg-info)    (multiple-value-bind (nreq applyp metatypes nkeys arg-info)
172        (get-generic-function-info gf)        (get-generic-function-info gf)
173      (declare (ignore nreq nkeys arg-info))      (declare (ignore nreq nkeys arg-info))
174      `(lambda ,(make-fast-method-call-lambda-list metatypes applyp)      (let ((ll (make-fast-method-call-lambda-list metatypes applyp))
175         (declare (ignore .pv-cell. .next-method-call.))            ;; When there are no primary methods and a next-method call occurs
176         ,effective-method)))            ;; effective-method is (error "No mumble..") and the defined
177              ;; args are not used giving a compiler warning.
178              (error-p (eq (first effective-method) 'error)))
179          `(lambda ,ll
180             (declare (ignore ,@(if error-p ll '(.pv-cell. .next-method-call.))))
181             ,effective-method))))
183  (defun expand-emf-call-method (gf form metatypes applyp env)  (defun expand-emf-call-method (gf form metatypes applyp env)
184    (declare (ignore gf metatypes applyp env))    (declare (ignore gf metatypes applyp env))

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