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revision 1.2 by garland, Tue Mar 9 13:13:15 1993 UTC revision 1.3 by ram, Tue May 4 12:03:36 1993 UTC
# Line 137  Line 137 
137    (typecase object    (typecase object
138      (pcl::std-instance      (pcl::std-instance
139       (format nil "Instance ~a of Class ~a"       (format nil "Instance ~a of Class ~a"
140               object (pcl:class-name (pcl:class-of object))))               object (pcl::class-name (pcl::class-of object))))
141      (function (format nil "~a" object))      (function (format nil "~a" object))
142      (structure      (structure
143       (let ((default (format nil "~a" object)))       (let ((default (format nil "~a" object)))
# Line 494  Line 494 
495  (defun display-clos-pane (object)  (defun display-clos-pane (object)
496    (with-inspector-pane (object)    (with-inspector-pane (object)
497      (let* ((class (pcl:class-of object))      (let* ((class (pcl::class-of object))
498             (slotds (pcl::slots-to-inspect class object))             (slotds (pcl::slots-to-inspect class object))
499             (view (create-row-column form "rowColumn"             (view (create-row-column form "rowColumn"
500                                      :left-attachment :attach-form                                      :left-attachment :attach-form

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