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revision 1.2 by ram, Fri Jul 13 15:13:49 1990 UTC revision by ram, Sun Jul 15 11:47:33 1990 UTC
# Line 1670  Line 1670 
1670                     (message "Incorporating new mail ...")                     (message "Incorporating new mail ...")
1671                     (mh "inc" args :errorp nil :password password                     (mh "inc" args :errorp nil :password password
1672                         :username (value authentication-user-name)))                         :username (value authentication-user-name)))
1673                 (declare (simple-string error-string))                 (declare (type (or simple-string null) error-string))
1674                 (unless winp                 (unless winp
1675                   (when (string= error-string "inc: unable to read" :end1 19)                   (when (string= error-string "inc: unable to read" :end1 19)
1676                     (setf *stored-password* nil)                     (setf *stored-password* nil)

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