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revision 1.2 by ram, Fri Jul 13 15:12:12 1990 UTC revision 1.3 by ram, Mon Dec 10 18:13:54 1990 UTC
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1    .../systems-work/hemlock/mh.lisp, 18-Oct-90 13:41:38, Edit by Chiles.
2      MAYBE-DELETE-EXTRA-DRAFT-WINDOW modified to correctly delete another window
3      if one exists when a draft is a split window draft.  This had to be modified
4      to handle separate, unstacked windows correctly.
6    .../systems-work/hemlock/bindings.lisp, 06-Sep-90 16:59:32, Edit by Chiles.
7      We failed to avoid binding "Auto Check Word Spelling" to #k"'" when we added
8      the new key-event stuff.  Actually, Blaine did.
10    .../systems-work/hemlock/bindings.lisp, 24-Aug-90 14:04:34, Edit by Chiles.
11      Bound C-M-s (typically "Shell") to "Illegal" in the echo area.
13    .../systems-work/hemlock/bit-screen.lisp, 06-Aug-90 13:48:10, Edit by Chiles.
14      I modified CREATE-WINDOW-FROM-CURRENT to correctly determin if there is
15      enough room to split the current window to make the new window.
17    .../systems-work/hemlock/bit-screen.lisp, 06-Aug-90 12:59:40, Edit by Chiles.
18      Made SET-WINDOW-HOOK-RAISE-FUN frob the windows group X window, instead of
19      the child X window.
21    .../systems-work/hemlock/hunk-draw.lisp, 05-Aug-90 12:57:21, Edit by Chiles.
22      Fixed DROP-CURSOR to beat on the parent borders instead of the non-existent
23      child borders.
25    .../systems-work/hemlock/bit-screen.lisp, 05-Aug-90 11:58:46, Edit by Chiles.
26      Removed exports for MAKE-WINDOW, DELETE-WINDOW, NEXT-WINDOW, and
27      PREVIOUS-WINDOW since they're in screen.lisp.
29      Modified HUNK-RECONFIGURED to realize it object arg is either a hunk (for a
30      child changing) or a window-group (for a group/parent window changing).
32      Modified HUNK-MOUSE-ENTERED and HUNK-MOUSE-LEFT to frob the group window's
33      border instead of the child's border.
35      Totally redefined *create-window-hook* and *delete-window-hook*.  This
36      affected most of the arrangement of creation and deletion functionality.
38      Made the random-typeout window made from keeping a pop-up display, adhere to
39      the minimum resizing parameters Hemlock windows like to try to keep users
40      from screwing themselves.
42      Made MAYBE-MAKE-X-WINDOW-AND-PARENT set window manager hints for supplied
43      parents as if Hemlock had made the parent window.
45      Made code correctly handle font-family parameters instead of dropping into
46      lower-level code that incorrectly assumed *default-font-family*.
48      Consolidated some code, notably MODIFY-PARENT-PROPERTIES.
51    .../systems-work/hemlock/xcoms.lisp, 01-Aug-90 14:00:43, Edit by Chiles.
52      Blew away "Stack Window".
54    .../systems-work/hemlock/input.lisp, 01-Aug-90 13:49:27, Edit by Chiles.
55      Blaine modified MAYBE-KEEP-RANDOM-TYPEOUT-WINDOW in accordance with the new
56      bitmap window group stuff.
58    .../systems-work/hemlock/filecoms.lisp, 01-Aug-90 11:23:07, Edit by Chiles.
59      Blaine modified "Delete Window" and "Delete Next Window" in accordance with
60      the new bitmap window group stuff.  They now test the length of *window-list*
61      to determine if they can delete the window instead of using next and previous
62      window commands and primitives and testing against the CURRENT-WINDOW.
64    .../systems-work/hemlock/screen.lisp, 01-Aug-90 10:15:53, Edit by Chiles.
65      Blaine modified DELETE-WINDOW to test for *window-list* having length two or
66      less, signalling an error if so.  This allows the bitmap window deletion
67      method to delete the current window by changing to another group.  The
68      "Delete Window" command cannot tell there are other windows, and it already
69      tries to make the previous window the current one before calling the
70      DELETE-WINDOW primitive.  With the new bitmap window groups, this doesn't
71      work.  We still have a problem if a programmer calls DELETE-WINDOW on the
72      current window which will break Hemlock.
74    .../systems-work/hemlock/rompsite.lisp, 01-Aug-90 09:33:02, Edit by Chiles.
75      Blaine modified the X events masks and the raising and lowering of Hemlock
76      windows upon entering and leaving in accordance with the new bitmap window
77      groups.
79    .../systems-work/hemlock/struct.lisp, 01-Aug-90 09:07:25, Edit by Chiles.
80      Blaine added window-group structure and the window-group slot to
81      bitmap-hunks for the new bitmap window groups.
83  .../systems-work/hemlock/keysym-defs.lisp, 04-Jul-90 12:14:09, Edit by Chiles.  .../systems-work/hemlock/keysym-defs.lisp, 04-Jul-90 12:14:09, Edit by Chiles.
84    Added a few key-event to character translations at the end of the file to    Added a few key-event to character translations at the end of the file to
85    make quoting characters work better when running under X.    make quoting characters work better when running under X.

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