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Fri Apr 10 17:32:39 2009 UTC (5 years ago) by rtoy
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1 ========================== C M U C L 20 a =============================
3 [--- WORK IN PROGRESS ---]
5 The CMUCL project is pleased to announce the release of CMUCL 20a.
6 This is a major release which contains numerous enhancements and
7 bugfixes from the 19e release.
9 CMUCL is a free, high performance implementation of the Common Lisp
10 programming language which runs on most major Unix platforms. It
11 mainly conforms to the ANSI Common Lisp standard. CMUCL provides a
12 sophisticated native code compiler; a powerful foreign function
13 interface; an implementation of CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System,
14 which includes multimethods and a metaobject protocol; a source-level
15 debugger and code profiler; and an Emacs-like editor implemented in
16 Common Lisp. CMUCL is maintained by a team of volunteers collaborating
17 over the Internet, and is mostly in the public domain.
19 New in this release:
22 * Feature enhancements:
24 * ANSI compliance fixes:
26 * Bugfixes:
27 - CMUCL sometimes gets "stuck" during compilation where it is
28 trying to simplify the union of a large number of disjoint
29 numeric types. Previously, we handled the case of integer
30 types. Extend this to handle floats as well.
31 - SXHASH was computing the same hash code for upper and lower case
32 characters by upcasing the character. This isn't necessary
33 since the characters are not EQUAL, so make SXHASH return
34 different values for upper and lower case letter.
35 - WRITE-VECTOR was not writing out enough data when no
36 byte-swapping is needed and the end index was not given.
37 (Confusion about the length of the vector versus the index as an
38 octet count, not element count.)
40 * Trac Tickets:
41 #31: pathname bug with :case :common
42 Fixed. The common case is applied to each part of the directory,
43 not to the directory as a whole.
45 * Other changes:
46 - SOFTWARE-VERSION may return different results than previously.
47 UNIX:UNIX-UNAME is now used to obtain the software version on
48 Linux and Solaris.
50 * Improvements to the PCL implementation of CLOS:
52 * Changes to building procedure:
54 This release is not binary compatible with code compiled using CMUCL
55 19f; you will need to recompile FASL files.
57 See <URL:http://www.cons.org/cmucl/> for download information,
58 guidelines on reporting bugs, and mailing list details.
61 We hope you enjoy using this release of CMUCL!

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