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Mon Dec 19 01:10:10 2005 UTC (8 years, 4 months ago) by rtoy
Branch: ppc_gencgc_branch
CVS Tags: ppc_gencgc_snap_2006-01-06, ppc_gencgc_snap_2005-12-17
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Merge code from main branch of 2005-12-17 to ppc gencgc branch.  Still
doesn't work of course.
1 ========================== C M U C L 19 c =============================
3 The CMUCL project is pleased to announce the release of CMUCL 19c.
4 This is a major release which contains numerous enhancements and
5 bugfixes from the 19b release.
7 CMUCL is a free, high performance implementation of the Common Lisp
8 programming language which runs on most major Unix platforms. It
9 mainly conforms to the ANSI Common Lisp standard. CMUCL provides a
10 sophisticated native code compiler; a powerful foreign function
11 interface; an implementation of CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System,
12 which includes multimethods and a metaobject protocol; a source-level
13 debugger and code profiler; and an Emacs-like editor implemented in
14 Common Lisp. CMUCL is maintained by a team of volunteers collaborating
15 over the Internet, and is mostly in the public domain.
17 New in this release:
20 * Feature enhancements:
22 - Cross-reference information can now be saved to a fasl file.
23 - COMPILE-FILE accepts the new keyword arg :XREF. When non-NIL,
24 cross-reference information found during compilation is saved
25 to the fasl file.
26 - UNIX-UNAME added for non-glibc2 platforms, which already had
27 it.
28 - Added annotation support to the pretty printer so various
29 annotations can be produced in sync with the pretty printer
30 output. (From Matthias Koeppe.) Arbitrary functions
31 ("annotations") can be queued in sequence with characters that
32 are printed to the pretty stream. When the characters are
33 forwarded to the target stream, the annotations are invoked at
34 the right position.
35 - Add a restart for ENSURE-DIRECTORIES-EXIST to retry directory
36 creation if necessary.
38 * Numerous ANSI compliance fixes:
40 - FILE-POSITION on string input streams accept :START and :END
41 for the position.
42 - The default value for keyword args for deftype is '*, not NIL.
43 - ED is now defined (but does nothing). Loading hemlock will
44 give you an ED that works.
45 - DOCUMENTATION and (SETF DOCUMENTATION) works for more cases
46 now.
47 - MULTIPLE-VALUE-SETQ now always returns the primary value.
49 accepts the optional environment arg, as specified by ANSI CL.
50 - PRIN1 no longer prints the sign of the exponent if it is
51 non-negative.
52 - PRIN1 and ~E are consistent now when printing large numbers.
53 - Undefined-Function errors from funcalling special forms now
54 have the cell-error name filled in correctly.
55 - ENOUGH-NAMESTRING was not returning the shortest namestring
56 when the defaults was #p"/".
58 source from-wildcard) is not true.
59 - ENOUGH-NAMESTRING was returning a pathname object instead of a
60 string for logical pathnames.
61 - ENOUGH-NAMESTRING no longer returns relative pathnames if the
62 pathname and the defaults have nothing in common.
63 - PARSE-NAMESTRING will accept a string for the DEFAULTS
64 parameter, as specified by ANSI.
66 * Numerous bugfixes:
68 - Regression in MRG32K3A benchmark fixed.
69 - (format t "~8,2f" -0.0) has the right length now. This
70 happened because we didn't recognize -0.0 is negative.
71 - Type derivation for FTRUNCATE is now consistent with what
72 FTRUNCATE returns. Main problem was that -0.0 is now returned
73 by ftruncate instead of +0.0.
74 - Some errors during type derivation are fixed. We cause the
75 offending function to return NIL to indicate unbounded.
76 - Errors in callbacks for the ppc and sparc ports when the
77 integer arg is shorter than an int have been fixed.
78 - ASIN and ACOS returns NaN when given NaN args instead of
79 signaling an error.
80 - FTRUNCATE will return a quiet NaN when given a signaling NaN.
81 It also properly handles infinity too.
82 - Fixed a bug in handling of alien enum types in structures.
83 - (MAKE-PATHNAME :DIRECTORY '(:RELATIVE)) now prints as #P"./"
84 instead of #p"", which is the printed form of (MAKE-PATHNAME).
85 - Relative directories for MAKE-PATHNAME now have all "."
86 elements removed. This makes it consistent with the reader.
87 - A warning is printed if an element of the directory component
88 of a pathname consists of a string containing the "/"
89 character.
90 - Namestrings for pathnames with a NIL host will now be
91 generated using the host from *DEFAULT-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS*, or
92 *UNIX-HOST* instead of producing an error.
93 - ENOUGH-NAMESTRING returns the pathname if the host for the
94 pathname differs from the host for the defaults.
95 - CMUCL recognizes multi-arch (fat) shared libs on Darwin/ppc.
96 It's now possible to load libSystem.dylib.
97 - #p".." is read as a directory instead of as a file with name
98 #"." and type "".
99 - #p"..." and similar forms with more dots is read as a file
100 with name equal to the string and type nil. Previously, the
101 name had one fewer dot with type "".
102 - MAKE-PATHNAME with :name equal to ".." or "." will generate a
103 warning because CMUCL cannot print that in a form that will be
104 read back the same.
105 - ENOUGH-NAMESTRING will work with search-lists, but only looks
106 at the first path in the search-list. This is mostly to
107 handle the home: search-list, which only has one path by
108 default.
109 - SXHASH will hash the components of a pathname object together
110 instead of returning the same hash value for all pathname
111 objects.
112 - EQUAL for pathnames treats version NIL and version :NEWEST to
113 be equal.
114 - PPC callbacks were not preserving register values and
115 therefore produced erroneous values.
116 - PROBE-FILE for a pathname that is actually a directory returns
117 a pathname indicating that it is a directory.
118 - LISTEN on DUAL-CHANNEL-SIMPLE-STREAM should work now.
120 * Other changes:
122 - Due to some bugs in modular arithmetic, generating either
123 wrong code or much slower code, you can now disable modular
124 arithmetic by setting c::*enable-modular-arithmetic* to NIL.
125 This is a workaround pending a better solution.
126 - Support logical pathnames when using LOAD-OBJECT-FILE.
127 - Namestrings that are being parsed will not produce a
128 search-list if a logical host with the same name already
129 exists. An error is signaled in this case.
130 - Tracing with :encapsulate nil does not work very well on ppc.
131 The default for tracing on ppc is to encapsulate. (Tracing
132 functions with the known-return convention using :encapsulate
133 nil works, however.)
135 * Improvements to the PCL implementation of CLOS:
137 * Changes to rebuilding procedure:
138 - Build scripts should recognize FreeBSD automatically.
139 - Should be able to build on either Mac OS X 10.2 or 10.4 using
140 the default version of gcc.
142 This release is not binary compatible with code compiled using CMUCL
143 19b; you will need to recompile FASL files.
145 See <URL:http://www.cons.org/cmucl/> for download information,
146 guidelines on reporting bugs, and mailing list details.
149 We hope you enjoy using this release of CMUCL!

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