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Wed Jun 22 13:54:20 2005 UTC (8 years, 10 months ago) by rtoy
Branch: MAIN
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Update from 19b-branch.
1 rtoy 1.2 ========================== C M U C L 19 b =============================
2 rtoy 1.1
3 rtoy 1.2 The CMUCL project is pleased to announce the release of CMUCL 19b.
4 rtoy 1.1 This is a major release which contains numerous enhancements and
5 rtoy 1.2 bugfixes from the 19a release.
6 rtoy 1.1
7     CMUCL is a free, high performance implementation of the Common Lisp
8     programming language which runs on most major Unix platforms. It
9     mainly conforms to the ANSI Common Lisp standard. CMUCL provides a
10     sophisticated native code compiler; a powerful foreign function
11     interface; an implementation of CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System,
12     which includes multimethods and a metaobject protocol; a source-level
13     debugger and code profiler; and an Emacs-like editor implemented in
14     Common Lisp. CMUCL is maintained by a team of volunteers collaborating
15     over the Internet, and is mostly in the public domain.
17     New in this release:
18 emarsden 1.30
19     * Newly supported platforms:
21     - CMUCL has been ported to Mac OS X. The port includes support for
22     callbacks from foreign code, and linkage-table support (which
23     makes it possible to dump images that contain references to
24     foreign code).
25 emarsden 1.31 - the NetBSD/x86 platform is supported, with generational
26     conservative garbage collection (the :gencgc *feature*),
27     linkage-table support, and the Motif interface.
28 emarsden 1.30
30 rtoy 1.1 * Feature enhancements:
31 emarsden 1.30
32 rtoy 1.3 - Added a much faster and much less consy bignum printer and a
33     faster bignum reader.
34     - Extended REQUIRE to support *MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTIONS* from
35     SBCL.
36 rtoy 1.2 - SIMPLE-STREAM fixes:
38     signed-byte/unsigned-byte 8 streams.
39     o Memory-mapped file streams.
40 rtoy 1.4 - Large file support for Solaris, so CMUCL can handle files
41     larger than 2GB.
42 rtoy 1.6 - A much faster GCD implementation.
43     - A faster Karatsuba multiplier when the number of words of the
44     bignums is not a power of 2. (Break-even is still around 1500
45     bits, though.)
46     - New command-line switch -debug-lisp-search to show how lisp is
47     searching for its core file.
48 rtoy 1.7 - DEBUG-RETURN implemented which allows you to return a value
49     from function. Only enabled with DEBUG 3.
50     - Lazy sxhash on symbols implemented for ppc.
51 rtoy 1.9 - Pretty-printer for LOOP.
52     - Added some more pprinters for various forms.
53 rtoy 1.11 - Loop analysis code added to the compiler. It's incorporated
54 rtoy 1.13 into the build and can be enabled by setting *loop-analyze* to
55     T, but the compiler doesn't use the loop information for
56     anything yet.
57 rtoy 1.12 - Errors from socket functions signal a SOCKET-ERROR instead of
58 emarsden 1.30 a generic ERROR condition.
59 rtoy 1.12 - Efficiency notes are no longer printed if inhibit-warnings >=
60 emarsden 1.30 2.5.
61 rtoy 1.14 - Simple support for datagram networking added: INET-RECVFROM,
63 rtoy 1.21 - MAKE-INDENTING-STREAM and INDENTING-STREAM-P are exported from
64     the EXTENSIONS package instead of being internal.
65     - TRACE will work now for the known-return convention, which
66     used to require encapsulation so that only the first call was
67     traced. Useful for tracing recursive functions.
68     - Bivalent streams are supported. Thus, streams with
69     element-type (unsigned-byte 8) can be used for character
70     input/output as well as binary input/output. Supply the
71 emarsden 1.30 option :CLASS 'EXT:BINARY-TEXT-STREAM for OPEN to get bivalent
72 rtoy 1.21 streams. EXT:READ-VECTOR and EXT:WRITE-VECTOR also
73     implemented. This is somewhat experimental right now, and may
74     change slightly in a future version.
75 rtoy 1.22 - Loading fasls compiled for a different version of CMUCL will
76     now signal an EXT:INVALID-FASL error instead a generic error.
77 rtoy 1.1
78     * Numerous ANSI compliance fixes:
79 rtoy 1.3 - FILE-AUTHOR should signal errors appropriately.
80 rtoy 1.1 - CMUCL was computing the wrong value for some special functions
81     when the argument was on the branch cut for the function.
82     - MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND accepts &REST and friends in the var list.
83     - When constructing logical pathnames, all components will be
84     automatically upcased. Needed for print/read consistency, and
85     fixes an issue with ASDF and logical pathnames.
86 rtoy 1.5 - Numerous fixes to the float printer, including a new float
87     printer.
88 emarsden 1.30 - Justification (~< ~> FORMAT directives) works better.
89 rtoy 1.5 - ~V with the value of NIL in format strings is treated to mean
90     as if it weren't given at all, as specified by ANSI CL.
91     - Characters print consistently with ~:C and ~S.
92 rtoy 1.7 - Numerous bug fixes for pretty-printing and format strings.
93     - Pathnames are now printed with #P instead of #p.
94     - The types COMPLEX and (COMPLEX REAL) are the same now.
95     - UPGRADED-COMPLEX-PART-TYPE returns RATIONAL for integer types
96     now. (CMUCL doesn't really have a (COMPLEX INTEGER) type).
97     - When a pathname can't be printed readably, signal a
98 emarsden 1.30 PRINT-NOT-READABLE condition.
99 rtoy 1.8 - Printing arrays readably was sometimes wrong.
100 rtoy 1.9 - FOR-AS-ON-LIST works with dotted lists.
101     - DEFSTRUCT predicates for list structures don't produce errors
102     anymore on dotted or short lists.
103     - UNBOUND-SLOT condition no longer takes the :slot keyword. It
104     uses the ANSI-specified :name keyword. This is not backward
105     compatible!
106 emarsden 1.30 - MAKE-SYMBOL takes STRINGs, not just SIMPLE-STRINGs.
107 rtoy 1.9 - PPRINT-POP did not return NIL when the list arg to
109     - Signal appropriate error conditions instead of a plain error
110     condition in many situations.
111     - TYPECASE was treating the type T as an otherwise clause even
112 rtoy 1.11 though it was not the last clause. It should be just a
113 rtoy 1.9 regular clause.
114     - ASIN, ACOS, ACOSH, and ATANH were returning the wrong values
115     when the arg was a real number on the branch cut.
116     - Missed some places where loop variables were duplicated, which
117     should signal a program-error.
118 rtoy 1.11 - LOOP INITIALLY clauses occur after variable initialization for
119     FOR, WITH, and AS clauses, as required by ANSI CL.
120 rtoy 1.12 - Format bugs in ~{ and ~@[X~], as noted by ansi-tests, have
121     been fixed.
122 rtoy 1.13 - Evaluation order of REMF, INCF, and DECF.
124 rtoy 1.13 READ-DELIMITED-LIST, and READ-FROM-STRING now return NIL, as
125     specified by ANSI CL. (Previously, CMUCL would return a list
126     of NILs.)
127 emarsden 1.30 - Pathname components of type :UNSPECIFIC are no longer printed in
128     namestrings.
129     - Dumping of symbols in fasls now works according to ANSI.
130 rtoy 1.23 - READ-FROM-STRING was sometimes not returning the correct
131     second value when the string was a displaced string.
132     - The invalid trait for constituent characters is handled
133     better.
134 emarsden 1.30 - (formatter "~V[...~]") now returns a correct second value.
135 rtoy 1.24 - MAKE-DISPATCH-MACRO-CHARACTER is supposed to return T.
136 emarsden 1.30 - APROPOS and APROPOS-LIST no longer take 3 arguments. ANSI CL
137 rtoy 1.24 says they only take 2.
138 rtoy 1.26 - A reader error is signaled when bad ratios (like 1/0) are read
139     or when a float can't fit into the specified float type.
140 emarsden 1.30 - A form like #(1 . 2) now signals a reader error.
141 rtoy 1.27 - NIL as a keyword arg is no longer silently accepted, unless
142     NIL was actually a specified keyword arg.
143     - Some cases of reader errors being signaled when
144     *READ-SUPPRESS* was T no longer occur.
145     - The datum slot for check-type contains the place-value now
146     instead of the place.
147 emarsden 1.30 - The expected-type and datum should now be consistent in
148     type-errors (datum is not of the expected-type).
149 rtoy 1.27 Similar situations in other errors are also corrected.
150 rtoy 1.1
151     * Numerous bugfixes:
152 emarsden 1.30
153 rtoy 1.3 - FFLOOR and friends preserve the sign of the arg, so -0.0 is
154     returned for negative args.
155 emarsden 1.30 - EXPT sometimes returned NaN instead of 1 when the power was 0.
156     - Weak pointers no longer have O(n^2) GC behavior.
157 rtoy 1.6 - X11 authorization changes to solve problems seen with servers
158     that don't listen to TCP connection requests.
159 emarsden 1.30 - UNIX-READ fix
160 rtoy 1.7 - The compiler would give an error on deriving the result type
161     of RANDOM when the arg to RANDOM was a union type.
162     - "~*~" was not being parsed to mean a wildcard version.
163     - UNIX-GETPWUID implemented for Darwin. Needed for FILE-AUTHOR.
164     - The compiler no longer gives errors when deriving the result type of
165 emarsden 1.30 COERCE when converting a integer to a float that would not fit
166 rtoy 1.7 in a float.
167     - Fix bug in reading from streams with element-type SIGNED-BYTE
168 rtoy 1.9 for sizes greater than 32: Positive numbers were incorrectly
169 rtoy 1.7 being returned as negative.
170 rtoy 1.8 - REMOVE-DUPLICATES was not honoring the :START option.
171 rtoy 1.9 - PPRINT-LOGICAL-BLOCK sometimes didn't close the block properly
172     because PPRINT-EXIT-IF-LIST-EXHAUSTED caused an early exit.
173     - Macro expansion was not looking in the local environment
174     properly for local definitions.
175 emarsden 1.30 - Circular weak pointers can now be printed when *PRINT-CIRCLE*
176 rtoy 1.9 is T.
177     - "foo.lisp.*" is interpreted to have version :wild, just like
178     "foo.lisp.~*~".
179     - DIRECTORY will report all versions of a file if the pathname
180     has version :wild.
181     - Fixed bug with CLX on MacOS X where the WM-SIZE-HINTS were
182     larger than CLX expected. Replaced card16 with card32.
183 rtoy 1.10 - Callbacks on sparc that returned double-floats were sometimes
184     causing a sigbus error.
185 rtoy 1.11 - Type specifiers like (float low high) where low and high were
186     outside the range of single-float numbers no longer cause
187     compiler errors.
188     - Fix source-form reporting in the disassembler.
189 rtoy 1.12 - Arrays in fasl files had non-NIL fill-pointer. Make them NIL.
190     - FILE-POSITION was incorrectly set for simple-streams after a
191     READ-VECTOR.
192     - Printing 1d23 no longer causes an error.
193     - Work around the problem of (concatenate 'fixnum '(1)) causing
194     deletion of all following code.
195     - A directory with a component of :WILD was not correctly
196     handled.
197     - CREATE-INET-LISTENER was missing a call to htonl.
198 rtoy 1.13 - (coerce #c(1 2) '(complex float)) works now.
199 rtoy 1.14 - Type derivation for logior and logxor was broken.
200     - Fixed bug where (setf (aref f 0) (aref d 0)) doesn't produce a
201     warning and causes code including the function return to be
202     deleted, where f is a single-float array and d is a
203     double-float array.
204     - COUNT for bit arrays was sometimes failing to include the
205     count from the last 32-bits of the array.
206 rtoy 1.15 - The default heap size was causing CMUCL to fail on Solaris
207     10. Change the default so this doesn't happen. (The real
208     cause is unknown.)
209 rtoy 1.18 - In some cases, the compiler was spending large amounts of time
210     deriving union of a bunch of disjoint integer intervals. If
211     the union is long enough, we give up and just return the
212     smallest new interval that contains all of the disjoint
213     intervals. (This needs a better fix.)
214 rtoy 1.19 - The :WHEREIN option to TRACE handles methods now.
215 rtoy 1.21 - The maximum dynamic space size was wrong on Linux.
216     - Type inferencing for OPEN was broken when :IF-DOES-NOT-EXIST
217     was given and was not a compile-time constant.
218     - ~G output always had a zero for the last digit when
219     exponential form was used. Fix this so the last digit has the
220     correct digit.
221 rtoy 1.24 - Output to (make-two-way-stream (make-concatenated-stream)
222     (make-broadcast-stream)) silently discards output instead of
223     producing an error.
224 emarsden 1.30 - STRING<, STRING<=, STRING>, STRING>= no longer produce
225 rtoy 1.24 incorrect results.
226     - COPY-SEQ sometimes produced erroneous results because the
227     compiler was confused by the derived result type of COPY-SEQ.
228     - Many (all?) compiler failures about a STRANGE-TEMPLATE-FAILURE
229     should be fixed.
230 rtoy 1.25 - Type derivation for LOGAND is fixed. (Affects LOGAND and
231     LOGBITP.)
232     - Type derivation for SCALE-FLOAT is fixed. Should also work
233 rtoy 1.27 better on x86. (But there are still bugs in x86's handling of
234     single-floats.)
235 rtoy 1.26 - generic-site.lisp won't give an error when updating
236     *HERALD-ITEMS* when the -quiet flag is used.
237 rtoy 1.27 - The disassembler handles closures better.
238     - The result array for bit-* operations was sometimes too short
239     if the args had fill pointers.
240 emarsden 1.30 - Weak hash tables no longer cause GC to go into an infinite loop.
241     - (PEEK-CHAR nil s nil foo) doesn't remove the character
242 rtoy 1.28 that was read if FOO happens to match the character that
243     PEEK-CHAR returns.
244 rtoy 1.32 - PROFILE no longer crashes when an internal data structure was
245 rtoy 1.29 set to a non-boolean value.
246 rtoy 1.32 - Regressions in float printing with ~F, ~E, and ~G are fixed.
247     - OPEN-X-STREAM accepts :INTERNET as a valid protocol again.
248 rtoy 1.14
249 rtoy 1.1 * Other changes:
250 emarsden 1.30
251 rtoy 1.11 - Infinite loops in map and friends caused by specifying
252     sequence types that are too hairy for CMUCL should no longer
253     occur. But CMUCL will now signal an error, which may not be
254     compliant either.
255 rtoy 1.12 - Compiler is a little smarter in deriving the result type of
256     MAP.
257 rtoy 1.13 - MAKE-PATHNAME will accept a :HOST arg of NIL, and will use NIL
258     as the host slot instead of filling in the host slot from the
259     defaults.
260 rtoy 1.18 - CMUCL/sparc should now run on Solaris 10. This port no longer
261     uses the reserved register %g7 anymore. The heap size is now
262     rounded to a multiple of 8 MB. Without this, CMUCL eventually
263     gets a GC error on Solaris 10 when using gencgc. There appear
264     to be no problems with Cheney GC on Solaris 10.
265 rtoy 1.20 - The config script uses REQUIRE instead of LOAD to load up
266     CMUCL's system libraries so there are no package-lock errors.
267     - REQUIRE no longer disables package-locks when loading
268     requested file. But package-locks are disabled for CMUCL's
269     own system libraries like gray-streams, clx, etc.
270 rtoy 1.26 - CMUCL should fail gracefully on x86 if something is already
271     mapped at addresses CMUCL wants for itself. Previously, CMUCL
272     would just use it.
273 rtoy 1.13
274 rtoy 1.5 * Improvements to the PCL implementation of CLOS:
275 emarsden 1.30
276 rtoy 1.14 - AMOP-style custom slot allocation supported.
277 rtoy 1.28 - The value of a slot that is specified as shared in the old
278     class and as local in the new class is now retained.
279     - CMUCL supports using the class name for the :metaclass
280     argument.
281 rtoy 1.1
282 emarsden 1.30 * Changes to rebuilding procedure:
283 rtoy 1.1
284 rtoy 1.29 - Added a new script to run all of the subscripts needed to
285     build CMUCL. Won't handle all cases, but will handle the most
286     common builds.
287 rtoy 1.1
288 emarsden 1.30
289 rtoy 1.1
290     This release is not binary compatible with code compiled using CMUCL
291     19a; you will need to recompile FASL files.
293     See <URL:http://www.cons.org/cmucl/> for download information,
294     guidelines on reporting bugs, and mailing list details.
297     We hope you enjoy using this release of CMUCL!

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