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1 To get CMU Common Lisp, run:
2 /usr/cs/etc/modmisc - cs.misc.cmucl
3 This establishes /usr/misc/.cmucl as a symbolic link to the release area.
4 In your .login, and CMU CL to your path:
5 setpath -i /usr/misc/.cmucl
6 Add /usr/misc/.cmucl/bin to your PATH, then run "lisp". Note that the first
7 time you run Lisp, it will take AFS several minutes to copy the image into its
8 local cache. Subsequent starts will be much faster.
10 Or, you can run directly out of the AFS release area (which may be necessary on
11 SunOS machines). Put this in your .login shell script:
12 setenv CMUCLLIB "/afs/cs/misc/cmucl/@sys/beta/lib"
13 setpath -i /afs/cs/misc/cmucl/@sys/beta
15 After setting your path, "man cmucl" will give an introduction to CMU CL and
16 "man lisp" will describe command line options. For SunOS installation notes,
17 see the README file in the SunOS release area.
19 See /usr/misc/.cmucl/doc for release notes and documentation. Hardcopy
20 documentation is available in the document room. For documentation of recent
21 compiler extensions (block compilation, profiler, etc.) you can print:
22 /afs/cs/project/clisp/scribe/cmu-user/compiler-update.ps (60 pages)
23 This replaces chapters 6 and 7 of the hardcopy User's Manual.
25 Send bug reports and questions to cmucl-bugs@cs.cmu.edu. If you send a bug
26 report to gripe, they will just forward it to this mailing list.
28 Running CMU CL:
30 Run "lisp". Try also "lisp -edit", which starts Hemlock. Hemlock will use X
31 if the DISPLAY environment variable is defined, otherwise it will use terminal
32 i/o based on TERM and /etc/termcap.
34 Source availability:
36 Lisp and documentation sources are publicly readable in /afs/cs/project/clisp.
37 All CMU written code is public domain, but CMU CL also makes use of several
38 imported packages: PCL, CLX and XP. Although these packages are copyrighted,
39 they may be freely distributed without any licensing agreement or fee.

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