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1                Release notes for CMU Common Lisp 17e, 19 September 93
3    17e is primarily a bug-fix release.  This release also supports
4    Hewlett-Packard 700-series workstations running HP-UX version 9.x.
9    Enhancements:
10     -- The function EXT:PURIFY is now exported.  This was formerly only
11        documented as usable via the :PURIFY argument to SAVE-LISP.  Great
12        improvements in GC runtime and memory use can be obtained when PURIFY is
13        called after loading in large amounts of code or creating large
14        datastructures that are unlikely to become garbage.
15     -- EXT:PURIFY (and thus (EXT:SAVE-LISP ... :PURIFY T) now compact the
16        hashtables representing the global namespace.  Formerly this feature was
17        undocumented and only used during the initial system build.
18     -- There is now a "runtime" version of the Lisp image which omits the
19        compiler and loads some other code byte compiled, giving a 60% size
20        reduction.  See README file, "Runtime distribution" section.
21     -- Changed the byte-function and byte-closure funcallable-instances to use
22        &more args instead of a &rest arg (eliminating the main source of
23        grautitous consing in byte code.)
24     -- Allow pretty-printer to work without compiler loaded.
25     -- Improved (and thus changed) the SXHASH of lists and other composite
26        objects.
27     -- Added to *FEATURES* all of the ANSI CL features that seemed plausible.
28        Any non-ANSI compliance is now a bug, not a feature...
29     -- Picked up Miles' changes to apropos and apropos-list that allows one to
30        supply NIL for the package, meaning all packages.
32    Bug fixes:
33     -- Fix arg ordering for GETF in new condition support.  Default the name
34        slot in DEFMACRO-LAMBDA-LIST-BIND-ERRORS to NIL (instead of leaving it
35        unbound.)
36     -- In READ-N-BYTES, only signal EOF when we read and got 0 bytes, not
37        whenever read returns less than we wanted.  Also, fix the case of small
38        reads with an empty buffer not to leave garbled buffer pointers if we have
39        to do more than one read.  These bugs mostly affect the X interface and
40        its users (Garnet was having problems.)
41     -- Changed YES-OR-NO-P and Y-OR-N-P to force output.
42     -- Fixed COUNT :TEST-NOT to actually negate the test.
43     -- Fixed COERCE to call type-expand so that people can coerce to deftypes.
44     -- Rename STEP to DEBUG::SET-STEP-BREAKPOINT because step is supposed to be
45        the exported step macro, not some internal routine.
46     -- Fixed DEFPACKAGE to combine multiple use, export, and import options
47        correctly.  Fixed the warning about no longer using some packages to
48        actually work.
49     -- Fixed GCD to correctly handle MOST-NEGATIVE-FIXNUM.
50     -- Flush Hemlock font change hack in default site-init.lisp, since it was
51        causing problems.
53    CLOS (PCL):
54     -- Add some hacks for coercing lisp:class objects to pcl:class.
56     -- Fix some problems with the LISP:CLASS class-precedence-list suddenly
57        becoming empty when a class is redefined.
58     -- Fixed SIMPLE-STRING to list STRING in the inherits list.
63    Enhancements:
64     -- Added a type inference method for LOG's result type.
65     -- Added support for "more args" which are like rest args, but don't cons.
66        This is used for calling into annd out of byte-compiled core and in the
67        PROFILE package.
68     -- Increase *inline-expansion-limit* from 50 to 200.  Change "inline
69        expansion count exceeded" warning to be a note.  Don't inline expand in
70        interpreted code.
72    Bug fixes:
73     -- Fix a problem where spurious argument types could be inferred for optional
74        arguments in byte-compiled code (caused yes-or-no-p to fail.)
75     -- Fixed an internal error related to tail local calls.
76     -- Fixed assertion failure about COMPONENT-NEW-FUNCTIONS with some inline
77        expansions.
78     -- Fixed (TYPEP X '(REAL ...)) to actually test against REAL, not NUMBER.
79     -- Fixed a problem where top-level MULTIPLE-VALUE-CALL forms could cause an
80        assertion falure.
81     -- Don't try to compile flow-graph components that are unreachable.  This
82        avoids some internal errors when unreachable local functions are
83        deleted.
84     -- Fix problem with byte-compiling PROGV getting an internal compiler error.
89    Misc extensions:
90     -- Added an executable-only optional to EXT:UNIX-NAMESTRING so that we can
91        expand path:foo into the first executable in the path named foo, not just
92        the first file
93     -- Changed RUN-PROGRAM to only try to run executables, and to flame out if it
94        can't be found in path:.
95     -- Profile: use &more instead of &rest to avoid consing the &rest arg list.
96        Fixed PROFILE:REPORT-TIME to not choke if any of the function names are
97        not symbols (e.g. setf functions).
99    Motif interface:
100     -- Added an optional STYLE arg to the graphical inspector to make the
101        function consistent with its doc string (as well as the old inspector).
102     -- Tried to make starting the Motif server more robust, or at least give some
103        intelligible error message.
104     -- Added some extra protection against recursive invocation of the windowing
105        debugger.
107    Hemlock:
108     -- Add window-buffer-hook for echo area buffer to make absolutely sure we
109        can't change the eacho area window to point to another buffer.
110     -- Give a sensible error message if we can't find the slave utility (e.g.
111        lisp) to run.
112     -- Restored the behavior of scribe-file to cd to the directory of the .mss
113        file before running scribe.
114     -- Change default fonts to be courier, flushing all mention of 8x13.
115        Remove font-setting in default site-init file, since it was causing
116        problems.
117     -- Add FILE-POSITION method for region streams so that the compiler's read
118        error recovery works for "Editor Compile Defun", etc.
119     -- When reading a file, set BUFFER-WRITABLE to T before doing anything so
120        that we don't get spurious read-only errors.
123              Release notes for CMU Common Lisp 17c, 19 September 93              Release notes for CMU Common Lisp 17c, 19 September 93
125  17c is a new major release of CMU Common Lisp.  An overview of changes:  17c is a new major release of CMU Common Lisp.  An overview of changes:

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