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release-20c.txt  1.32  2 years  rtoy  Fix rounding for large numbers. Bug was pointed by Christophe in private email.…
release-20b.txt  1.51  3 years  rtoy  From release-20b, merge fix for typo.
lisp.1  1.15  3 years  rtoy  o Update with new command line options o Document some of the new files and dire…
release-20a.txt  1.16  4 years  rtoy  Merge changes from 20a-pre1 (tag release-20a-pre1) to trunk.
release-19f.txt  1.31  5 years  rtoy  Merge changes from RELEASE_19f.
release-19e.txt  1.30  6 years  rtoy  Merge changes from 19e branch.
release-19d.txt  1.24  7 years  rtoy  code/ntrace.lisp: o Add a new :WHEREIN-ONLY option for trace, which is like :WHE…
README  1.3  8 years  rtoy  Merge changes from the 19c branch.
release-19c.txt  1.15  8 years  rtoy  o Make HEAD version of release-19c.txt match the actual release-19c.txt in the…
release-19b.txt  1.32  8 years  rtoy  Update from 19b-branch.
release-19a.txt  1.115  9 years  rtoy  Oops. Get rid of "work in progress".
cmucl.1  1.13  10 years  toy  Add a dash so makewhatis doesn't complain and make "man -k lisp" report this pag…
release-18e.txt  1.10  11 years  pmai  Merged changes made during the 18e freeze period back into the main branch.
COPYRIGHTS  1.1  11 years  gerd  *** empty log message ***
release-18d.txt  1.2  11 years  toy  18d is no longer a work in progress.
net-README.txt  1.27 locked  18 years  ram  Add note about alpha /sbin/swapdefault
beta-release-notes.txt  1.17 locked  19 years  ram  update for 17f.
net-announce.txt  1.3 locked  19 years  ram  update for 17f.
alpha-release-notes.txt  1.8 locked  19 years  ram  gartuitous checkin.
cmu-README.txt  1.3  20 years  ram  Updated somewhat for non-Mach environments.
alpha-notes-thru-92.txt  1.43  21 years  wlott  11/23/92 to 12/5/92:
omega-release-notes.txt  1.1  21 years  ram  Initial revision
tech-report.txt  1.1  22 years  ram  Initial revision
bugs.txt  1.2  23 years  wlott  Fixed the debugger problems caused by missing force-outputs.

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