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Wed May 12 02:47:14 2010 UTC (3 years, 11 months ago) by rtoy
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: GIT-CONVERSION, cross-sol-x86-base, sparc-tramp-assem-base, snapshot-2010-12, snapshot-2010-11, cross-sol-x86-merged, snapshot-2011-09, snapshot-2011-06, snapshot-2011-07, snapshot-2011-04, snapshot-2011-02, snapshot-2011-03, snapshot-2011-01, snapshot-2010-06, release-20b-pre1, release-20b-pre2, cross-sparc-branch-base, snapshot-2010-07, sparc-tramp-assem-2010-07-19, snapshot-2010-08, RELEASE_20b, cross-sol-x86-2010-12-20, HEAD
Branch point for: cross-sol-x86-branch, cross-sparc-branch, sparc-tramp-assem-branch, RELEASE-20B-BRANCH
ASD file for contrib module.
1 ;;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: ANSI-Common-Lisp; Base: 10 -*-
3 (in-package :asdf)
5 (defsystem :follows-mouse
6 :name "follows-mouse"
7 :maintainer "Todd Kaufman"
8 :licence "Public Domain"
9 :long-description "This Hemlock customization causes Hemlock's current window to be set to
10 whatever Hemlock window the mouse enters, except the echo area."
11 of the X Window System."
12 :components
13 ((:file "follow-mouse")))

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