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revision 1.8 by ram, Thu Aug 16 16:33:07 1990 UTC revision 1.9 by ram, Thu Aug 16 19:34:56 1990 UTC
# Line 514  Line 514 
514            (return)))))            (return)))))
515    (undefined-value))    (undefined-value))
 ;;; TN-Environment  --  Interface  
 ;;;    Return some Environment that TN is referenced in.  TN must have at least  
 ;;; one reference (either read or write.)  Note that some TNs are referenced in  
 ;;; multiple environments.  
 (defun tn-environment (tn)  
   (declare (type tn tn))  
   (let ((ref (or (tn-reads tn) (tn-writes tn))))  
     (assert ref)  
     (block-environment (ir2-block-block (vop-block (tn-ref-vop ref))))))  

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