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revision by rtoy, Fri Feb 12 04:07:26 2010 UTC revision by rtoy, Thu Feb 25 03:59:43 2010 UTC
# Line 622  Line 622 
622                    (*compiler-error-context* context))                    (*compiler-error-context* context))
623               (when (policy context (>= safety brevity))               (when (policy context (>= safety brevity))
624                 (compiler-note                 (compiler-note
625                  "Type assertion too complex to check:~% ~S."                  _N"Type assertion too complex to check:~% ~S."
626                  (type-specifier (continuation-asserted-type cont)))))                  (type-specifier (continuation-asserted-type cont)))))
627             (setf (continuation-%type-check cont) :deleted))))))             (setf (continuation-%type-check cont) :deleted))))))

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