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revision 1.48 by agoncharov, Wed Oct 14 03:42:21 2009 UTC revision 1.49 by rtoy, Thu Oct 15 14:07:35 2009 UTC
# Line 2184  length LEN and type TYPE." Line 2184  length LEN and type TYPE."
2184    (int-syscall ("fork")))    (int-syscall ("fork")))
2186  ;; Environment maninpulation; man getenv(3)  ;; Environment maninpulation; man getenv(3)
2187  (alien:def-alien-routine ("getenv" unix-getenv) c-call:c-string  (def-alien-routine ("getenv" unix-getenv) c-call:c-string
2188    (name c-call:c-string))    (name c-call:c-string)
2189      "Get the value of the environment variable named Name.  If no such
2190      variable exists, Nil is returned.")
2192  (alien:def-alien-routine ("setenv" unix-setenv) c-call:int  (def-alien-routine ("setenv" unix-setenv) c-call:int
2193    (name c-call:c-string)    (name c-call:c-string)
2194    (value c-call:c-string)    (value c-call:c-string)
2195    (overwrite c-call:int))    (overwrite c-call:int)
2196      "Adds the environment variable named Name to the environment with
2197      the given Value if Name does not already exist. If Name does exist,
2198      the value is changed to Value if Overwrite is non-zero.  Otherwise,
2199      the value is not changed.")
2201  (alien:def-alien-routine ("putenv" unix-putenv) c-call:int  (def-alien-routine ("putenv" unix-putenv) c-call:int
2202                           (name c-call:c-string))    (name c-call:c-string)
2203      "Adds or changes the environment.  Name-value must be a string of
2204      the form \"name=value\".  If the name does not exist, it is added.
2205      If name does exist, the value is updated to the given value.")
2207  (alien:def-alien-routine ("unsetenv" unix-unsetenv) c-call:int  (def-alien-routine ("unsetenv" unix-unsetenv) c-call:int
2208                           (name c-call:c-string))    (name c-call:c-string)
2209      "Removes the variable Name from the environment")
2211  (def-alien-routine ("ttyname" unix-ttyname) c-string  (def-alien-routine ("ttyname" unix-ttyname) c-string
2212    (fd int))    (fd int))

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