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revision by rtoy, Mon May 4 14:13:32 2009 UTC revision by rtoy, Wed May 6 13:05:15 2009 UTC
# Line 799  Line 799 
799        (shrink-vector result fillptr))))        (shrink-vector result fillptr))))
801  (defun string-to-nfd (string)  (defun string-to-nfd (string)
802      "Convert String to Unicode Normalization Form D (NFD) using the
803      canonical decomposition.  The NFD string is returned"
804    (decompose string nil))    (decompose string nil))
806  (defun string-to-nfkd (string)  (defun string-to-nfkd (string)
807      "Convert String to Unicode Normalization Form KD (NFKD) uisng the
808      compatible decomposition form.  The NFKD string is returned."
809    (decompose string t))    (decompose string t))
811  #+unicode  #+unicode

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