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revision 1.36 by rtoy, Thu Jul 20 16:19:35 2006 UTC revision 1.37 by rtoy, Wed Aug 19 16:51:36 2009 UTC
# Line 102  Line 102 
102      (setf (svref *meta-room-info* (symbol-value name))      (setf (svref *meta-room-info* (symbol-value name))
103            (make-room-info :name name  :kind :vector  :length size))))            (make-room-info :name name  :kind :vector  :length size))))
105    ;; For unicode, there are 2 bytes per character, not 1.
106  (setf (svref *meta-room-info* simple-string-type)  (setf (svref *meta-room-info* simple-string-type)
107        (make-room-info :name 'simple-string-type :kind :string :length 0))        (make-room-info :name 'simple-string-type :kind :string
108                          ;; Assumes char-bytes is a power of two!
109                          :length (1- (integer-length vm:char-bytes))))
111  (setf (svref *meta-room-info* code-header-type)  (setf (svref *meta-room-info* code-header-type)
112        (make-room-info :name 'code  :kind :code))        (make-room-info :name 'code  :kind :code))

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