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revision 1.42 by dtc, Sat Nov 15 04:38:50 1997 UTC revision 1.43 by dtc, Sat Nov 29 20:13:11 1997 UTC
# Line 128  Line 128 
128  ;;;  ;;;
129  (defun type-of (object)  (defun type-of (object)
130    "Return the type of OBJECT."    "Return the type of OBJECT."
131    (if (typep object '(or function array))    (if (typep object '(or function array #+complex-float complex))
132        (type-specifier (ctype-of object))        (type-specifier (ctype-of object))
133        (let* ((class (layout-class (layout-of object)))        (let* ((class (layout-class (layout-of object)))
134               (name (class-name class)))               (name (class-name class)))

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