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revision 1.72 by rtoy, Thu Dec 23 16:22:04 2004 UTC revision 1.73 by rtoy, Wed May 11 13:51:09 2005 UTC
# Line 732  a host-structure or string." Line 732  a host-structure or string."
732      (let ((d (or (member :wild-inferiors dir)      (let ((d (or (member :wild-inferiors dir)
733                   (member :absolute dir))))                   (member :absolute dir))))
734        (when (and d (rest d) (member (second d) '(:up :back)))        (when (and d (rest d) (member (second d) '(:up :back)))
735          (error 'file-error)))          ;; What should we put in the for pathname part of file-error?
736            ;; I'm just going to use the directory but removing the
737            ;; offending :up or :back.  Or would just (make-pathname) be
738            ;; enough?
739            ;;
740            ;; Or instead of checking here, we could check whenever we
741            ;; "use" the file system (CLHS  But that's a lot
742            ;; harder to do.
743            (error 'simple-file-error
744                   :pathname (make-pathname :directory (remove-if #'(lambda (x)
745                                                                      (member x '(:up :back)))
746                                                                  dir))
747                   :format-control "Illegal pathname: ~
748                                    Directory with ~S immediately followed by ~S"
749                   :format-arguments (list (first d) (second d)))))
751      (macrolet ((pick (var varp field)      (macrolet ((pick (var varp field)
752                   `(cond ((or (simple-string-p ,var)                   `(cond ((or (simple-string-p ,var)

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