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revision 1.35 by ram, Tue Sep 1 17:41:52 1992 UTC revision by ram, Thu Feb 4 22:35:38 1993 UTC
# Line 166  Line 166 
166  (defun %deftype (name expander &optional doc)  (defun %deftype (name expander &optional doc)
167    (ecase (info type kind name)    (ecase (info type kind name)
168      (:primitive      (:primitive
169       (error "Illegal to redefine standard type: ~S." name))       (when *type-system-initialized*
170           (error "Illegal to redefine standard type: ~S." name)))
171        #+ns-boot
172      (:structure      (:structure
173       (warn "Redefining structure type ~S with DEFTYPE." name)       (warn "Redefining structure type ~S with DEFTYPE." name)
174       (c::undefine-structure (info type structure-info name)))       (c::undefine-structure (info type structure-info name))
175      ((nil :defined)))       (setf (info type kind name) :defined))
176    (setf (info type kind name) :defined)      (:instance
177         (warn "Redefining class ~S to be a DEFTYPE." name)
178         (undefine-structure (layout-info (class-layout (info type class name))))
179         (setf (info type class name) nil)
180         (setf (info type compiler-layout name) nil)
181         (setf (info type kind name) :defined))
182        (:defined)
183        ((nil)
184         (setf (info type kind name) :defined)))
186    (setf (info type expander name) expander)    (setf (info type expander name) expander)
187    (when doc    (when doc
188      (setf (documentation name 'type) doc))      (setf (documentation name 'type) doc))

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