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revision 1.104 by rtoy, Mon May 9 20:22:18 2005 UTC revision 1.105 by rtoy, Wed Jul 13 14:46:34 2005 UTC
# Line 544  Line 544 
544  (defmacro multiple-value-setq (varlist value-form)  (defmacro multiple-value-setq (varlist value-form)
545    (unless (and (listp varlist) (every #'symbolp varlist))    (unless (and (listp varlist) (every #'symbolp varlist))
546      (simple-program-error "Varlist is not a list of symbols: ~S." varlist))      (simple-program-error "Varlist is not a list of symbols: ~S." varlist))
547    `(values (setf (values ,@varlist) ,value-form)))    (if varlist
548          `(values (setf (values ,@varlist) ,value-form))
549          `(values ,value-form)))
551  ;;;  ;;;
552  (defmacro multiple-value-bind (varlist value-form &body body)  (defmacro multiple-value-bind (varlist value-form &body body)

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