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revision 1.100 by rtoy, Tue May 18 13:43:08 2004 UTC revision 1.101 by rtoy, Tue Jun 29 20:44:40 2004 UTC
# Line 1257  Line 1257 
1257        (dolist (place places)        (dolist (place places)
1258          (multiple-value-bind (dummies vals newval setter getter)          (multiple-value-bind (dummies vals newval setter getter)
1259              (get-setf-expansion place env)              (get-setf-expansion place env)
1260            (setf all-dummies (append all-dummies dummies))            ;; ANSI CL explains that extra places are set to
1261            (setf all-vals (append all-vals vals))            ;; nil.
1262            (setf newvals (append newvals newval))            (setf all-dummies (append all-dummies dummies (cdr newval)))
1263              (setf all-vals (append all-vals vals
1264                                     (mapcar (constantly nil) (cdr newval))))
1265              (setf newvals (append newvals (list (car newval))))
1266            (setters setter)            (setters setter)
1267            (getters getter)))            (getters getter)))
1268        (values all-dummies all-vals newvals        (values all-dummies all-vals newvals

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