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revision 1.3 by ram, Thu Feb 22 12:08:26 1990 UTC revision 1.4 by ram, Fri Feb 23 11:56:30 1990 UTC
# Line 20  Line 20 
20                                 ++ +++ ** *** // ///))                                 ++ +++ ** *** // ///))
23  (in-package "SYSTEM")  (in-package "SYSTEM" :nicknames '("SYS"))
24  (export '(add-port-death-handler remove-port-death-handler sap-int  (export '(add-port-death-handler remove-port-death-handler sap-int
25            int-sap sap-ref-8 sap-ref-16 sap-ref-32 without-gcing            int-sap sap-ref-8 sap-ref-16 sap-ref-32 without-gcing
26            *in-the-compiler* compiler-version *pornography-of-death*            *in-the-compiler* compiler-version *pornography-of-death*
# Line 34  Line 34 
34            *nameserverport* *usertypescript* *userwindow* *typescriptport*            *nameserverport* *usertypescript* *userwindow* *typescriptport*
35            *task-self* *task-data* *task-notify* *file-input-handlers*            *task-self* *task-data* *task-notify* *file-input-handlers*
36            with-interrupts with-enabled-interrupts enable-interrupt            with-interrupts with-enabled-interrupts enable-interrupt
37            ignore-interrupt default-interrupt serve-all))            ignore-interrupt default-interrupt))
39  (in-package "EXTENSIONS")  (in-package "EXTENSIONS")
40  (export '(quit *prompt* print-herald save-lisp gc-on gc-off  (export '(quit *prompt* print-herald save-lisp gc-on gc-off
41                 *before-save-initializations* *after-save-initializations*                 *before-save-initializations* *after-save-initializations*
42                 *editor-lisp-p* *clx-server-displays* *display-event-handlers*))                 *editor-lisp-p* *clx-server-displays*))
44  (in-package "LISP")  (in-package "LISP")
# Line 107  Line 107 
108  (defvar server-unique-object (cons 1 2))  (defvar server-unique-object (cons 1 2))
110  (defconstant lockout-interrupts (logior (mach:sigmask mach:sigint)  (defconstant lockout-interrupts (logior (mach:sigmask :sigint)
111                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigquit)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigquit)
112                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigfpe)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigfpe)
113                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigsys)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigsys)
114                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigpipe)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigpipe)
115                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigalrm)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigalrm)
116                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigurg)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigurg)
117                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigstop)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigstop)
118                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigtstp)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigtstp)
119                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigcont)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigcont)
120                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigchld)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigchld)
121                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigttin)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigttin)
122                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigttou)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigttou)
123                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigio)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigio)
124                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigxcpu)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigxcpu)
125                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigxfsz)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigxfsz)
126                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigvtalrm)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigvtalrm)
127                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigprof)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigprof)
128                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigwinch)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigwinch)
129                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigmsg)                                          (mach:sigmask :sigmsg)
130                                          (mach:sigmask mach:sigemsg)))                                          (mach:sigmask :sigemsg)))
132  (defconstant interrupt-stack-size 4096  (defconstant interrupt-stack-size 4096
133    "Size of stack for Unix interrupts.")    "Size of stack for Unix interrupts.")
# Line 354  Line 354 
354  ;;; dealing with interrupts and there funny at best.  ;;; dealing with interrupts and there funny at best.
355  (defun ih-sigmsg (signal code scp)  (defun ih-sigmsg (signal code scp)
356    (declare (ignore signal code scp))    (declare (ignore signal code scp))
357    (mach:unix-sigsetmask (mach:sigmask mach:sigmsg))    (mach:unix-sigsetmask (mach:sigmask :sigmsg))
358    (default-interrupt mach:sigmsg)    (default-interrupt mach:sigmsg)
359    (when *in-server*    (when *in-server*
360      (setq *in-server* nil)      (setq *in-server* nil)
# Line 590  Line 590 
590  (defsetf object-set-operation %set-object-set-operation  (defsetf object-set-operation %set-object-set-operation
591    "Sets the handler function for an object set operation.")    "Sets the handler function for an object set operation.")
 ;;;; Server function:  
 ;;; SERVER makes use of a defined alien, server-event, that lives at address 0.  
 ;;; This is a bogus alien used just as a dynamic variable that is declared  
 ;;; appropriately for the compiler.  This alien variable is bound to stuff in  
 ;;; an alien stack by the same name, server-event, which contains elements much  
 ;;; bigger than necessary to accommodate whatever will come back in the future  
 ;;; from waiting across ports, sockets, file descriptors, etc.  The defined  
 ;;; alien operators allow easy access to server-event as different types of  
 ;;; event by declaring the necessary type for the compiler when the operator  
 ;;; is used.  
 ;;;    Currently the server message is 4k bytes, thus serving larger requests  
 ;;; is impossible.  If anyone is bothered by this, the size can be increased.  
 ;;; X events are only 24 bytes.  
 (defconstant server-message-size 4096)  
 (defalien server-message server-message (bytes server-message-size) 0)  
 (define-alien-stack server-message server-message (bytes server-message-size))  
 (defrecord server-message  
   (msg mach:msg #.(record-size 'mach:msg)))  
 (defvar *file-input-handlers* ()  
   "Is an association list of file descriptors and functions to call when  
   input is available on the particular file descriptor.")  
 (defvar *clx-server-displays* ()  
   "Is a list of CLX displays that may have some activity on them.")  
 (defvar *display-event-handlers* nil  
   "This is an alist mapping displays to user functions to be called when  
    SYSTEM:SERVER notices input on a display connection.  Do not modify this  
    directly; use EXT:ENABLE-CLX-EVENT-HANDLING.  A given display should be  
    represented here only once.")  
 ;;; Default-Default-Handler  --  Internal  
 ;;;    If no such operation defined, signal an error.  
 (defun default-default-handler (object)  
   (alien-bind ((msg (server-message-msg server-message)))  
     (error "No operation for ID ~D on ~S in ~S."  
            (alien-access (mach:msg-id (alien-value msg))) object  
            (car (gethash (alien-access (mach:msg-localport (alien-value msg)))  
 ;;; Server  --  Public  
 (defun server (&optional (timeout 0 todef))  
   "Receive on all ports and Xevents and dispatch to the appropriate handler  
   function.  If timeout is specified, server will wait the specified time  
   and then return, otherwise it will wait until something happens.  Server  
   returns T if something happened and NIL otherwise."  
   (cond ((dolist (d/h ext::*display-event-handlers* nil)  
            (let ((d (car d/h)))  
              (when (xlib::event-listen d)  
                (handler-bind ((error #'(lambda (condx)  
                                          (declare (ignore condx))  
                                          (flush-display-events d))))  
                  (funcall (cdr d/h) d))  
                (return t))))  
          (let* ((to (if todef (round (* timeout 1000000))))  
                 (fd-mask 0)  
                 (omask 0)  
                 (value (catch 'server-catch  
                                (setq omask (mach:unix-sigsetmask  
                                             (mach:sigmask mach:sigmsg)))  
                                (unless (grab-message-loop)  
                                  (let ((*in-server* T))  
                                    (enable-interrupt mach:sigmsg #'ih-sigmsg)  
                                        (to1 to2)  
                                        (if todef (truncate to 1000000))  
                                          (nfd fdm)  
                                        (mach:unix-sigsetmask 0)  
                                            (nfnd rfdm)  
                                            (mach:unix-select nfd fdm 0 0  
                                                              to1 to2)  
                                           (mach:sigmask mach:sigmsg))  
                                          (default-interrupt mach:sigmsg)  
                                          (setq fd-mask rfdm)  
                            (default-interrupt mach:sigmsg)  
                            (mach:unix-sigsetmask omask)))))  
            (cond ((or (null value) (and todef (eq value 0))) NIL)  
                  ((eq value server-unique-object)  
                  ((file-descriptor-ready fd-mask) T))))))  
 ;;; Get-fd-info turns the association list in *file-input-handlers*  
 ;;; into information that unix-select can be called with.  
 (defun Get-fd-info ()  
   (do* ((fdl *file-input-handlers* (cdr fdl)) ;  
         (FD (caar fdl) (caar fdl))  
         (mfd 0)  
         (fdm 0))  
        ((null fdl)  
         (values (1+ mfd) fdm))  
     (setq mfd (max mfd fd))  
     (setq fdm (logior fdm (ash 1 fd)))))  
 ;;; File-descriptor-ready is called when server determines that a file  
 ;;; descriptor has input ready on one ore more of them.  It calls the  
 ;;; appropriate handler with the file-descriptor as its argument.  
 ;;; It checks for an xevent first, so they are handled as quickly as  
 ;;; possible.  
 (defun file-descriptor-ready (rfdm)  
   (do ((fd 0 (1+ fd))  
        (ms rfdm (ash ms -1)))  
       ((eq ms 0))  
     (when (/= (the fixnum (logand ms 1)) 0)  
       (let ((info (assoc fd *file-input-handlers* :test #'eq)))  
         (when info  
           (funcall (cdr info) fd)))))  
 ;;; Grab-message-loop calls the appropiate handler for an IPC message.  
 (defun grab-message-loop ()  
   (do* ((gr (server-grab-message) (server-grab-message))  
         (flag (/= gr mach:rcv-timed-out)  
               (if (/= gr mach:rcv-timed-out) t flag)))  
        ((= gr mach:rcv-timed-out) flag)))  
 (defun server-grab-message ()  
   (with-stack-alien (sm server-message)  
     (alien-bind ((msg (server-message-msg (alien-value sm))))  
       (setf (alien-access (mach:msg-msgsize (alien-value msg)))  
       (setf (alien-access (mach:msg-localport (alien-value msg)))  
       (let ((gr (mach:msg-receive (alien-value sm) mach::rcv-timeout 0)))  
         (when (eql gr mach:rcv-timed-out)  
           (return-from server-grab-message gr))  
         (unless (eql gr mach:rcv-success)  
           (gr-error 'mach:msg-receive gr))  
         (let* ((server-message (alien-value sm))  
                (port (alien-access (mach:msg-localport (alien-value msg))))  
                (id (alien-access (mach:msg-id (alien-value msg))))  
                (x (gethash port *port-table*))  
                (set (cdr x)))  
           (unless x  
             (error "~D is not known to server (operation: ~D)." port id))  
           (let ((gr (funcall (gethash id (object-set-table set)  
                                       (object-set-default-handler set))  
                              (car x))))  
             (unless (eql gr mach:kern-success)  
               (gr-error 'server gr)))))))  
 (defun serve-all (&optional (timeout 0))  
   "Serve-all calls server with the specified timeout.  If server does  
   something (returns T) it loops over server with timeout 0 until all  
   events have been served.  Serve-all returns T if server did something  
   and other NIL."  
   (do ((res NIL)  
        (sval (server timeout) (server 0)))  
       ((null sval) res)  
     (setq res T)))  
593  ;;;; Emergency Message Handling:  ;;;; Emergency Message Handling:
594  ;;;  ;;;
595  ;;; We use the same mechanism for asynchronous messages as is used for  ;;; We use the same mechanism for asynchronous messages as is used for

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