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revision by wlott, Sun Feb 2 21:28:22 1992 UTC revision by wlott, Thu Feb 13 01:22:58 1992 UTC
# Line 479  Line 479 
479         (%primitive print ,(symbol-name name))         (%primitive print ,(symbol-name name))
480         (,name))))         (,name))))
 (alien:def-alien-variable "internal_errors_enabled" alien:boolean)  
482  (defun %initial-function ()  (defun %initial-function ()
483    "Gives the world a shove and hopes it spins."    "Gives the world a shove and hopes it spins."
484    (setf *already-maybe-gcing* t)    (setf *already-maybe-gcing* t)
# Line 544  Line 542 
542    (print-and-call loader-init)    (print-and-call loader-init)
543    (print-and-call package-init)    (print-and-call package-init)
544    (print-and-call kernel::signal-init)    (print-and-call kernel::signal-init)
545    (setf internal_errors_enabled t)    (setf (alien:extern-alien "internal_errors_enabled" alien:boolean) t)
546    (set-floating-point-modes :traps '(:overflow :underflow :invalid    (set-floating-point-modes :traps '(:overflow :underflow :invalid
547                                                 :divide-by-zero))                                                 :divide-by-zero))

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