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revision 1.22 by ram, Fri Aug 30 14:29:05 1991 UTC revision 1.23 by ram, Fri Aug 30 14:59:20 1991 UTC
# Line 577  Line 577 
577    (setf *task-data* (mach:mach-task_data))    (setf *task-data* (mach:mach-task_data))
578    (setf *task-notify* (mach:mach-task_notify)))    (setf *task-notify* (mach:mach-task_notify)))
 ;;; Setup-path-search-list returns a list of the directories that are  
 ;;; in the unix path environment variable.  This is so that run-program  
 ;;; can be smarter about where to find a program to run.  
 (defun setup-path-search-list ()  
   (let ((path (cdr (assoc :path ext::*environment-list*))))  
     (when path  
       (do* ((i 0 (1+ p))  
             (p (position #\: path :start i)  
                (position #\: path :start i))  
             (pl ()))  
            ((null p)  
             (let ((s (subseq path i)))  
               (if (string= s "")  
                   (push "default:" pl)  
                   (push (concatenate 'simple-string s "/") pl)))  
             (nreverse pl))  
         (let ((s (subseq path i p)))  
           (if (string= s "")  
               (push "default:" pl)  
               (push (concatenate 'simple-string s "/") pl)))))))  
581  ;;;; Miscellaneous external functions:  ;;;; Miscellaneous external functions:

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