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revision 1.5 by ram, Fri Feb 8 13:33:06 1991 UTC revision 1.6 by wlott, Tue Mar 3 18:59:53 1992 UTC
# Line 33  Line 33 
33                      *print-case* *print-circle* *print-gensym* *print-array*                      *print-case* *print-circle* *print-gensym* *print-array*
34                      defmacro-error-string defsetf-error-string                      defmacro-error-string defsetf-error-string
35                      std-lisp-readtable hi::*in-the-editor*                      std-lisp-readtable hi::*in-the-editor*
36                      debug::*in-the-debugger* mach::*free-trap-arg-blocks*                      debug::*in-the-debugger*
37                      conditions::*handler-clusters*                      conditions::*handler-clusters*
38                      conditions::*restart-clusters* alloctable-address                      conditions::*restart-clusters* alloctable-address
39                      ext::*c-type-names* *gc-inhibit* *need-to-collect-garbage*                      *gc-inhibit* *need-to-collect-garbage*
40                      defmacro-error-string deftype-error-string                      defmacro-error-string deftype-error-string
41                      defsetf-error-string %sp-interrupts-inhibited                      defsetf-error-string %sp-interrupts-inhibited
42                      *software-interrupt-vector* *load-verbose*                      *software-interrupt-vector* *load-verbose*
43                      *load-print-stuff* *in-compilation-unit*                      *load-print-stuff* *in-compilation-unit*
44                      *aborted-compilation-units* char-name-alist                      *aborted-compilation-units* char-name-alist
45                      *default-pathname-defaults* *beep-function*                      *default-pathname-defaults* *beep-function*
46                      *gc-notify-before* *gc-notify-after*                      *gc-notify-before* *gc-notify-after*))
                     ;; hack to get these args to with-trap-arg-block to work in  
                     ;; the bootstrapping env, since the var must be known to be  
                     ;; special, in addition to being known to be an alien var.  
                     mach::timeval mach::timezone mach::int1 mach::int2  
                     mach::int3 mach::tchars mach::ltchars))  
49  (proclaim '(ftype (function (&rest t) *)  (proclaim '(ftype (function (&rest t) *)

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