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revision 1.41 by rtoy, Thu Jan 27 14:54:10 2005 UTC revision 1.42 by rtoy, Mon Jan 31 18:02:58 2005 UTC
# Line 435  Line 435 
435                 integer.  Resetting it to ~D." *bytes-consed-between-gcs*                 integer.  Resetting it to ~D." *bytes-consed-between-gcs*
436                 default-bytes-consed-between-gcs)                 default-bytes-consed-between-gcs)
437          (setf *bytes-consed-between-gcs* default-bytes-consed-between-gcs))          (setf *bytes-consed-between-gcs* default-bytes-consed-between-gcs))
438        (when (and *gc-trigger* (> pre-gc-dyn-usage *gc-trigger*))        (when (and *gc-trigger* (>= pre-gc-dyn-usage *gc-trigger*))
439          (setf *need-to-collect-garbage* t))          (setf *need-to-collect-garbage* t))
440        (when (or force-p        (when (or force-p
441                  (and *need-to-collect-garbage* (not *gc-inhibit*)))                  (and *need-to-collect-garbage* (not *gc-inhibit*)))

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