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revision 1.104 by rtoy, Mon Sep 10 16:25:00 2007 UTC revision 1.105 by rtoy, Wed Jun 18 15:57:01 2008 UTC
# Line 929  Line 929 
929    file, then the associated file is renamed."    file, then the associated file is renamed."
930    (let* ((original (truename file))    (let* ((original (truename file))
931           (original-namestring (unix-namestring original t))           (original-namestring (unix-namestring original t))
932           (new-name (merge-pathnames new-name original))           (new-name (merge-pathnames new-name file))
933           (new-namestring (unix-namestring new-name nil)))           (new-namestring (unix-namestring new-name nil)))
934      (unless new-namestring      (unless new-namestring
935        (error 'simple-file-error        (error 'simple-file-error

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