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revision 1.70 by toy, Thu Jun 26 13:27:42 2003 UTC revision 1.71 by emarsden, Tue Aug 5 11:00:49 2003 UTC
# Line 937  Line 937 
937        (multiple-value-bind (okay err) (unix:unix-rename original filename)        (multiple-value-bind (okay err) (unix:unix-rename original filename)
938          (unless okay          (unless okay
939            (cerror "Go on as if nothing bad happened."            (cerror "Go on as if nothing bad happened."
940                    "Could not restore ~S to it's original contents: ~A"                    "Could not restore ~S to its original contents: ~A"
941                    filename (unix:get-unix-error-msg err))))                    filename (unix:get-unix-error-msg err))))
942        (multiple-value-bind (okay err) (unix:unix-unlink filename)        (multiple-value-bind (okay err) (unix:unix-unlink filename)
943          (unless okay          (unless okay

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