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revision 1.91 by gerd, Wed Aug 6 19:01:18 2003 UTC revision 1.92 by emarsden, Fri Aug 8 11:32:52 2003 UTC
# Line 461  Line 461 
461            :report "Ignore the lock and continue")            :report "Ignore the lock and continue")
462          (unlock-package ()          (unlock-package ()
463            :report "Disable package's lock then continue"            :report "Disable package's lock then continue"
464            (setf (ext:package-lock pkg) nil))))            (setf (ext:package-lock pkg) nil))
465            (unlock-all ()
466              :report "Unlock all packages, then continue"
467              (lisp::unlock-all-packages))))
468      (when (stringp (car slot-descriptions))      (when (stringp (car slot-descriptions))
469        (setf (dd-doc defstruct) (pop slot-descriptions)))        (setf (dd-doc defstruct) (pop slot-descriptions)))
470      (dolist (slot slot-descriptions)      (dolist (slot slot-descriptions)

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