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Wed Jun 17 15:46:26 2009 UTC (4 years, 10 months ago) by rtoy
Branch: portable-clx-branch
CVS Tags: portable-clx-import-2009-06-16
Changes since 1.4: +0 -2 lines
Import portable clx version from Christophe Rhodes darcs repository as
of 2009-06-16.

This is an exact copy of the code.  It is intended updates of
portable-clx go on the portable-clx-branch and should be merged to the
main branch as needed.  This should make it easier to do any
CMUCL-specific changes that aren't in portable-clx.

I chose not to import the files in the clx/manual directory.
Everything else is imported.  (Should the manual be imported too?)
1 This file contains instructions on how to make CLX work with Franz
2 Common Lisp. CLX should work on any machine that supports Allegro Common
3 Lisp version 3.0.1 or greater. It also works under ExCL version 2.0.10.
4 However it has been tested extensively with only Allegro CL versions 3.0,
5 3.1, and 4.0.
7 There are three steps to compile and install CLX. The first is simply
8 moving files around. In this directory, execute (assuming you using csh):
10 % foreach i (*.l */*.l)
11 ? mv $i $i:r.cl
12 ? end
13 % mv exclMakefile Makefile
15 The second is compiling the source files into fasl files. The fasl files
16 will be combined into one big fasl file, CLX.fasl. This file is then installed
17 in your Common Lisp library directory in the next step. You may need to edit
18 the Makefile to select the proper CFLAGS for your machine -- look in Makefile
19 for examples. Then just:
21 % make
23 Now you must move the CLX.fasl file into the standard CL library.
24 This is normally "/usr/local/lib/cl/code", but you can find out for sure
25 by typing:
27 <cl> (directory-namestring excl::*library-code-pathname*)
29 to a running Lisp. If it prints something other than "/usr/local/lib/cl/code"
30 substitute what it prints in the below instructions.
32 % mv CLX.fasl /usr/local/lib/cl/code/clx.fasl
33 % mv *.o /usr/local/lib/cl/code
35 Now you can just start up Lisp and type:
37 <cl> (load "clx")
39 to load in CLX. You may want to dump a lisp at this point since CLX is a large
40 package and can take some time to load into Lisp. You probably also want to
41 set the :generation-spread to 1 while loading CLX. Please see your Allegro CL
42 User Guide for more information on :generation-spread.
45 Sophisticated users may wish to peruse the Makefile and defsystem.cl
46 and note how things are set up. For example we hardwire the compiler
47 interrupt check switch on, so that CL can still be interrupted while it
48 is reading from the X11 socket. Please see chapter 7 of the CL User's
49 guide for more information on compiler switches and their effects.
52 Please report Franz specific CLX bugs to:
54 ucbvax!franz!bugs
55 or
56 bugs@Franz.COM

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