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Wed Jun 17 18:22:45 2009 UTC (4 years, 10 months ago) by rtoy
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Merge portable-clx (2009-06-16) to main branch.  Tested by running
src/contrib/games/feebs and hemlock which works (in non-unicode
1 rtoy 1.2 $Id: README-R5,v 1.1 2007-08-21 15:49:27 fgilham Exp $
2 fgilham 1.1 Original CLX README, retained for historical information
4     ---
5     These files contain beta code, but they have been tested to some extent under
6     Symbolics, TI, Lucid and Franz. The files have been given .l suffixes to keep
7     them within 12 characters, to keep SysV sites happy. Please rename them with
8     more appropriate suffixes for your system.
11     For Franz systems, see exclREADME.
14     For Symbolics systems, first rename all the .l files to .lisp. Then edit your
15     sys.translations file so that sys:x11;clx; points to this directory and put a
16     clx.system file in your sys:site;directory that has the form
18     (si:set-system-source-file "clx" "sys:x11;clx;defsystem.lisp")
20     in it. After that CLX can be compiled with the "Compile System CLX" command
21     and loaded with the "Load System CLX" command.
25     For TI systems, rename all the .l files to .lisp, and make a clx.translations
26     file in your sys:site; directory pointing to this directory and a
27     sys:site;clx.system file like the one described for symbolics systems above,
28     but with the defsystem file being in the clx:clx; directory. Then CLX can be
29     compiled with (make-system "CLX" :compile :noconfirm) and loaded with
30     (make-system "CLX" :noconfirm).
34     For Lucid systems, you should rename all the .l files to .lisp too (This might
35     not be possible on SysV systems). After loading the defsystem.l file, CLX can
36     be compiled with the (compile-clx) function and loaded with the
37     (load-clx) form.
39     The ms-patch.uu file is a patch to Lucid version 2 systems. You probably
40     don't need it, as you are probably running Lucid version 3 or later, but if
41     you are still using Lucid version 2, you need this patch. You'll need to
42     uudecode it to produce the binary.
46     For kcl systems, after loading the defsystem.l file, CLX can be compiled with
47     the (compile-clx) function and loaded with the (load-clx) form.
51     For more information, see defsystem.l and provide.l.

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