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revision 1.224 by thenriksen, Mon Jul 24 16:33:16 2006 UTC revision 1.225 by thenriksen, Tue Jul 25 11:38:05 2006 UTC
# Line 214  Line 214 
214      ((type modified) record stream state)      ((type modified) record stream state)
215    nil)    nil)
 (define-command (com-toggle-read-only :name t :command-table base-table)  
     ((buffer 'buffer))  
   (setf (read-only-p buffer) (not (read-only-p buffer))))  
 (define-presentation-to-command-translator toggle-read-only  
     (read-only com-toggle-read-only base-table  
      :gesture :menu)  
   (list object))  
 (define-command (com-toggle-modified :name t :command-table base-table)  
     ((buffer 'buffer))  
   (setf (needs-saving buffer) (not (needs-saving buffer))))  
 (define-presentation-to-command-translator toggle-modified  
     (modified com-toggle-modified base-table  
      :gesture :menu)  
   (list object))  
217  (defun display-info (frame pane)  (defun display-info (frame pane)
218    (let* ((master-pane (master-pane pane))    (let* ((master-pane (master-pane pane))
219           (buffer (buffer master-pane))           (buffer (buffer master-pane))
# Line 352  FIXME: does this really have that effect Line 334  FIXME: does this really have that effect
334           'base-table           'base-table
335           '((#\l :control)))           '((#\l :control)))
 (defun load-file (file-name)  
   (cond ((directory-pathname-p file-name)  
          (display-message "~A is a directory name." file-name)  
          (cond ((probe-file file-name)  
                 (load file-name))  
                 (display-message "No such file: ~A" file-name)  
 (define-command (com-load-file :name t :command-table base-table) ()  
   "Prompt for a filename and CL:LOAD that file.  
 Signals and error if the file does not exist."  
   (let ((filepath (accept 'pathname :prompt "Load File")))  
     (load-file filepath)))  
 (set-key 'com-load-file  
          '((#\c :control) (#\l :control)))  
337  (define-command com-self-insert ((count 'integer))  (define-command com-self-insert ((count 'integer))
338    (loop repeat count do (insert-character *current-gesture*)))    (loop repeat count do (insert-character *current-gesture*)))
# Line 387  Signals and error if the file does not e Line 348  Signals and error if the file does not e
349  ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
350  ;;;  ;;;
351  ;;; Pane/buffer functions  ;;; Pane functions
353  (defun replace-constellation (constellation additional-constellation vertical-p)  (defun replace-constellation (constellation additional-constellation vertical-p)
354    (let* ((parent (sheet-parent constellation))    (let* ((parent (sheet-parent constellation))
# Line 530  If with-scrollbars nil, omit the scrolle Line 491  If with-scrollbars nil, omit the scrolle
491                                       (list first second other)                                       (list first second other)
492                                       (list first other)))))))                                       (list first other)))))))
 (defun make-buffer (&optional name)  
   (let ((buffer (make-instance 'climacs-buffer)))  
     (when name (setf (name buffer) name))  
     (push buffer (buffers *application-frame*))  
494  (defun other-window (&optional pane)  (defun other-window (&optional pane)
495    (if (and pane (find pane (windows *application-frame*)))    (if (and pane (find pane (windows *application-frame*)))
496        (setf (windows *application-frame*)        (setf (windows *application-frame*)
# Line 550  If with-scrollbars nil, omit the scrolle Line 505  If with-scrollbars nil, omit the scrolle
505        (other-window)        (other-window)
506        (setf *standard-output* (car (windows *application-frame*)))))        (setf *standard-output* (car (windows *application-frame*)))))
 (defgeneric erase-buffer (buffer))  
 (defmethod erase-buffer ((buffer string))  
   (let ((b (find buffer (buffers *application-frame*)  
                  :key #'name :test #'string=)))  
     (when b (erase-buffer b))))  
 (defmethod erase-buffer ((buffer climacs-buffer))  
   (let* ((point (point buffer))  
          (mark (clone-mark point)))  
     (beginning-of-buffer mark)  
     (end-of-buffer point)  
     (delete-region mark point)))  
 (define-presentation-method present (object (type buffer)  
                                             (view textual-view)  
                                             &key acceptably for-context-type)  
   (declare (ignore acceptably for-context-type))  
   (princ (name object) stream))  
 (define-presentation-method accept  
     ((type buffer) stream (view textual-view) &key (default nil defaultp)  
      (default-type type))  
   (multiple-value-bind (object success string)  
       (complete-input stream  
                       (lambda (so-far action)  
                          so-far (buffers *application-frame*) '() :action action  
                          :name-key #'name  
                          :value-key #'identity))  
                       :partial-completers '(#\Space)  
                       :allow-any-input t)  
     (cond (success  
            (values object type))  
           ((and (zerop (length string)) defaultp)  
             (values default default-type))  
           (t (values string 'string)))))  
 (defgeneric switch-to-buffer (buffer))  
 (defmethod switch-to-buffer ((buffer climacs-buffer))  
   (let* ((buffers (buffers *application-frame*))  
          (position (position buffer buffers))  
          (pane (current-window)))  
     (when position  
       (setf buffers (delete buffer buffers)))  
     (push buffer (buffers *application-frame*))  
     (setf (offset (point (buffer pane))) (offset (point pane)))  
     (setf (buffer pane) buffer)  
     (full-redisplay pane)  
 (defmethod switch-to-buffer ((name string))  
   (let ((buffer (find name (buffers *application-frame*)  
                       :key #'name :test #'string=)))  
     (switch-to-buffer (or buffer  
                           (make-buffer name)))))  
 (defmethod switch-to-buffer ((symbol (eql 'nil)))  
   (let ((default (second (buffers *application-frame*))))  
     (when default  
       (switch-to-buffer default))))  
 ;; ;;; FIXME: see the comment by (SETF SYNTAX) :AROUND.  -- CSR,  
 ;; ;;; 2005-10-31.  
 ;; (defmethod (setf buffer) :around (buffer (pane extended-pane))  
 ;;   (call-next-method)  
 ;;   (note-pane-syntax-changed pane (syntax buffer)))  
 (define-command (com-switch-to-buffer :name t :command-table pane-table) ()  
   "Prompt for a buffer name and switch to that buffer.  
 If the a buffer with that name does not exist, create it. Uses the name of the next buffer (if any) as a default."  
   (let* ((default (second (buffers *application-frame*)))  
          (buffer (if default  
                      (accept 'buffer  
                              :prompt "Switch to buffer"  
                              :default default)  
                      (accept 'buffer  
                              :prompt "Switch to buffer"))))  
     (switch-to-buffer buffer)))  
 (set-key 'com-switch-to-buffer  
          '((#\x :control) (#\b)))  
 (defgeneric kill-buffer (buffer))  
 (defmethod kill-buffer ((buffer climacs-buffer))  
   (with-slots (buffers) *application-frame*  
      (when (and (needs-saving buffer)  
                 (handler-case (accept 'boolean :prompt "Save buffer first?")  
                   (error () (progn (beep)  
                                    (display-message "Invalid answer")  
                                    (return-from kill-buffer nil)))))  
      (setf buffers (remove buffer buffers))  
      ;; Always need one buffer.  
      (when (null buffers)  
        (make-buffer "*scratch*"))  
      (setf (buffer (current-window)) (car buffers))  
      (full-redisplay (current-window))  
      (buffer (current-window))))  
 (defmethod kill-buffer ((name string))  
   (let ((buffer (find name (buffers *application-frame*)  
                       :key #'name :test #'string=)))  
     (when buffer (kill-buffer buffer))))  
 (defmethod kill-buffer ((symbol (eql 'nil)))  
   (kill-buffer (buffer (current-window))))  
 (define-command (com-kill-buffer :name t :command-table pane-table)  
     ((buffer 'buffer  
              :prompt "Kill buffer"  
              :default (buffer (current-window))  
              :default-type 'buffer))  
   "Prompt for a buffer name and kill that buffer.  
 If the buffer needs saving, will prompt you to do so before killing it. Uses the current buffer as a default."  
   (kill-buffer buffer))  
 (set-key `(com-kill-buffer ,*unsupplied-argument-marker*)  
          '((#\x :control) (#\k)))  
508  ;;; For the ESA help functions.  ;;; For the ESA help functions.
510  (defmethod help-stream ((frame climacs) title)  (defmethod help-stream ((frame climacs) title)

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